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Image via Good4Utah. 

One genetic test, two bilateral  mastectomies, and countless surgeries,  brings an American Fork mother and her 24 year old daughter  closer than ever, as they pave their way through cancer prevention together.

Janiel and Lizz Miller have always had a special mother daughter relationship, filled with outburst of song,  accents, and plenty of laughter.

Lizz says they have always been close, but as of late they’ve gotten to be even closer.

The Millers have a history of cancer in their family. Janiel decided to check her own odds after watching her mother and sister both die at the hands of cancer.

Breast cancer gene BRAC2 can come from either mom or dad and shows itself in many different forms. WhitneyEsplin is a Genetic counselor at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and says anyone with cancer in their family should get tested for the gene.

“The goal of cancer genetic testing is  to prevent individuals from getting cancer and so if you know you are at high risk for cancer there are things we can do,” Esplin says.

Janiel tested positive for the BRAC2 gene and  opted to have a bilateral mastectomy, not knowing her genetic discovery would change her family’s lives forever.

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