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Legions of women teach in over 30,000 Relief Society units across the globe—delivering weekly lessons that champion gospel learning, unity, and spiritual growth.

But only one Relief Society instructor, Anna Savage Hodge, goes to work each morning with a U.S. Army Ranger Tab sewn on the shoulder of her camouflage uniform.

Five years ago, not a single woman had graduated from Ranger School. Since then, only Savage Hodge and a handful of other female soldiers have completed the grueling Army training course that lasts more than two months and is staged in locales ranging from mountain peaks to sweltering swamplands.

A Ranger’s primary mission is honestly simple: Engage the enemy in close combat and direct-fire battles—and win.

So how did a lifelong Latter-day Saint-returned sister missionary-Army first lieutenant (and, yes, Relief Society teacher from Highland, Utah) become part of one of the world’s elite military forces?

For starters, the self-described tomboy was drawn to the physicality of the military. She was also anxious to graduate from Brigham Young University without burning through her savings.

“I thought ROTC [at BYU] might be a good way to pay for school,” she said.

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