Maybe you are one of the lucky people who got to enjoy, “Meet the Mormons,” released by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints last year, while it was still in theaters. But in case you missed it, you’ve got another chance to see this inspiring film.

The feature-length documentary highlights the stories of six Latter-Day Saints from around the world. It has been made available in 20 different languages and from November 6-22, it can viewed in its entirety on YouTube.

The film was made with the intent to have as far a reach as possible. The theatrical release helped in furthering that goal. It has also been available on iTunes, Amazon and other mediums of on-demand viewing.

“We’re now excited to also make it available for a limited period on YouTube around the world, making it possible for nearly anyone to watch and enjoy these uplifting stories of faith and hope,” producer Jeff Roberts told the Deseret News. “When we were making the film, we had no idea it would reach this far and be so well accepted. It is simply amazing to us.”

Visit to find links to “Meet the Mormons” in all the available languages. Some area or country-specific restrictions may prohibit viewers from watching “Meet the Mormons” on YouTube. Follow the link to find out more.