We’ve known Simon the Shepherd in Nazareth for a decade now. He is humble. He is kind. He is aware of people’s needs who come from all over the world to try to visualize what it was like in Jesus’ day. He is quiet and sure. He has taught us much about the shepherds of Israel. They are a lot who are looked down upon and yet they are trustworthy in their stewardships. If a lamb is lost, he leaves the flock folded in safety and he will find the one. At night he barricades the entrance to the fold and he lays there across it to be the first responder to danger. He loves his flock. We could not get any of the sheep to come to us no matter what sounds or gestures we made. He would make the slightest sound and the sheep all responded to his voice. They trust him. All combined, this is a wonderful picture of wisdom.