Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from the Winter 2018 issue of BYU Magazine.

Mormon philosopher and prominent author Adam S. Miller (BA ’01) is less interested in the perennial question “Is the Church true?” and more interested in what influence that truth can have on the world. In a Jan. 11 address at BYU’s Harold B. Lee Auditorium, the Collin College professor and author of Letters to a Young Mormon and other books on theology called on his audience to exercise moral creativity—combatting the moral challenges of the day by thinking about them differently.

The following is a thought Adam S. Miller shared specifically on the topic of how we defend the family and how to answer what has become one of the hot button topics of our day:

Defending the Family Differently

“In addition to arguing that the differences between men and women are real and important and spiritually significant, the Proclamation also boldly claims that men and women are intended by divine design to be equal partners. . . . It seems increasingly obvious to me that in our day, defending the family means rooting out our world’s misogyny. Defending the family means defending women from both the subtle and violent forms of degradation, abuse, and marginalization that riddle our world. It means taking seriously, perhaps for the first time in the history of the world, the solemn declaration that God intends men and women to be equal partners. In my view, this will be the defining moral issue of our generation.”

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