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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump came only hours after the Republican presidential nominee had put his friend and colleague Utah Sen. Mike Lee on a list of potential Supreme Court picks.

And even though Lee had expressed disinterest in being included on Trump’s list Friday, the potential court pick was a central part of Cruz’s reasoning for changing gears and backing Trump.

In a Facebook post, Cruz said the Supreme Court hangs in the balance in the election. He said Lee “would make an extraordinary justice” and cited Trump’s “explicit commitment” to nominate only from “a very strong” list of 21 potential nominees.

“This commitment matters, and it provides a serious reason for voters to choose to support Trump,” Cruz wrote of the man who dubbed him “Lyin’ Ted” during the presidential primaries, and whom Cruz in May called “utterly amoral” and a “pathological liar.”

But Lee — who has ripped Trump for making intolerant statements on religion and accusing Cruz’s father of conspiring to kill John F. Kennedy — was quick to quash the idea Friday morning.

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