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Though we value the insight and the inspiration that we receive from the leaders of the Church, sometimes it’s easy to think that they have that faith and commitment because life has been easy for them. ‘Perhaps if they’d experienced what I’ve experienced it might not be so simple.’ On the contrary, often deep devotion to the Lord and His Church comes because of the serious challenges He has helped someone overcome.

This week the Church released a trailer for a new three-part Mormon Message exploring some of the difficulties faced by Sister Reyna Aburto of the Relief Society General Presidency. Her insights and personal experiences promise to bring a little hope to others who may be struggling.

“I have gone through very hard times—the scars are still there, the consequences, the pain is still there. But the Lord has … allowed me to have joy in this life,” she says.

The full length, three-part video series will be available on on July 19. See the trailer below.