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The Church has announced the manuals that will be used in Sunday classes during 2017.

The Instructions for Curriculum 2017 outlines these courses of study for 2017:

Only two curriculum items are new: Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Gordon B. Hinckley and the  2017 Outline for Sharing Time.

You can find all the manuals online at and in the Gospel Library mobile app. Where possible, members are encouraged to use digital versions of these materials. If you haven’t used the materials online or in the Gospel Library app, now is a good time to experience the ease of preparing, teaching, and learning from these digital resources.

If it is determined that members or teachers need printed copies, leaders should make a careful inventory of what printed materials are already available in the ward or branch and then only order printed copies for those who do not use digital versions of curriculum. Orders should be placed at no later than September 30 to ensure their arrival by January 1, 2016.