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The Church has announced that the 2019 Mutual theme for the youth is, “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15).

A letter with this announcement was sent from the Young Men and Young Women General Presidencies  to local leaders on Aug 1:

“The purpose of the yearly theme is to provide opportunities for youth worldwide to learn about, study, internalize, and apply the principles taught in the scripture. Youth are encouraged to memorize the scripture, study its doctrine, and act on the principles learned throughout the year.

“In addition, the theme can be used in Mutual opening exercises, as a topic for sacrament meeting talks given by youth, and to provide focus for youth activities—including camps, youth conferences, and devotionals.

“Resources—including videos, music, and suggestions for using the theme throughout the year—will be available to leaders at and in Church magazines at the end of 2018 and throughout 2019. An email will be sent to leaders later this year when these resources become available.”

Though this theme is intended to set the tone for the youth in 2019, it is also an excellent opportunity for the adults to contemplate and internalize this important concept as well.

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