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Beginning at noon today, through December 31, you can participate in the worldwide Christmas initiative titled, “He Is the Gift” (John 3:16) at

The initiative is similar to the 2014 Easter campaign, “Because of Him,” and consists of a website and a video translated into 20 languages.

I invite you to participate by viewing and sharing the video If you use the hashtag #ShareTheGift when you share it, we can sweep the earth with inspiring messages of the Savior Jesus Christ during this joyful time of year.

Below is a poster that has been mailed to wards.

The video will be featured on the home page of YouTube on Dec 7, and will be on billboards in Times Square in New York City the whole month of December.

The website will suggest things people can do to #ShareTheGift of Jesus Christ during the Christmas season. For example, it will encourage people to post on social media their answer to the statement “I will share the gift by _____.” on Facebook and on Google+ will also be sharing memes and Christmas-themed posts through December.

You can also find great references for Christmas at and Note that was developed primarily for nonmembers and is more for members, although both sites have great things to share with everyone.