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Tall Cedars Ward Bishop David Tenny has a personal testimony of the capacity of today’s youth following an expansive 18-month service art project inspired by, implemented by and completed by roughly 50 young men and women from his ward in Gainesville, Virginia.

“This was youth driven from beginning to end,” Bishop Tenny said of the project. “This is where a bishop was not sure but decided to listen to and follow the inspiration of the youth.”

As a group, the youth completed a piece of artwork representing some 10,000 individual acts of service.

Toward the end of 2019, as Bishop Tenny counseled with the youth about goals for the upcoming year, a couple of young women enthusiastically suggested creating a piece of art for their beloved Washington D.C. Temple, which was scheduled to be rededicated in spring of 2020.

As the ward youth council bounced around ideas of what type of artwork they wanted to create, the adult leaders set two parameters: First, the artwork had to mean something, and second, it had to be something in which each individual could participate.

Eventually, the youth settled on a quilling-type project, where small strips of tightly rolled paper were inserted into a frame backed with small wire mesh. Each piece of paper represents an act of service performed by one of the youth, and, taken together, created a colorful depiction of the tree of life, which they titled “In the Service of Our God.”

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