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A second temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will reopen to begin performing proxy work for the dead on Monday, Dec. 28, nine months after the Church closed all of its temples due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Nuku’alofa Tonga Temple will reopen in Phase 3 that date, joining the Taipei Taiwan Temple, which was the first in Phase 3 a week earlier. Latter-day Saints in the Nuku’alofa temple district can begin today scheduling proxy ordinances starting Dec. 28.

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The Nuku’alofa temple announcement was made Monday, Dec. 21, the latest in the Church’s ongoing four-phase plan to reopen temples in a safe, cautious manner.

The Taipei and Nuku’alofa temples were among the four temples the First Presidency identified on Dec. 7 as those to advance to Phase 3 of the Church’s four-phase reopening plan as early as Dec. 21. 

The other two — the Apia Samoa and Brisbane Australia temples — remain in Phase 2 but are expected to be the next to advance to Phase 3 operations in coming weeks.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE.