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Whether you’ve indexed before or are new to indexing, FamilySearch invites you to participate in the annual Worldwide Indexing Event October 20–22, 2017.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to serve people worldwide,” said Allison Hadley, FamilySearch indexing marketing specialist. “Indexing is a fun and engaging way to provide meaningful community service, to get involved in family history and historic records preservation and access.”

What is indexing?

Indexing is the process of entering information from the world’s digitally scanned historical documents into a database, making it easily searchable. People around the world can then search these indexed records to find their ancestors.

Hadley explained that every record contains the names and stories of real people—the deceased ancestors of millions of living descendants today—just waiting to be discovered and added to the family tree by their posterity.

“If you have ever received a record hint in Family Tree, you can thank an indexer for that hint showing up,” said Jim Ericson, a product manager with FamilySearch.

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