The following was written by Kristine Frederickson for the Deseret News. To read the full article, click here

At this special time of the year as our thoughts turn to the birth of Jesus Christ, charges of the sexual abuse of women are proliferating against many men in positions of power and authority in the United States. Individuals would do well to study the teachings of Jesus in order to better understand the way forward in today’s often ethically and morally confused world.

Throughout his mortal life, Jesus was deliberate and intentional in sharing eternal truths that, if obeyed, would create equitable and just communities and lead his disciples to salvation. His teachings more often than not contrasted sharply against well-established, often false and perverse laws and religious and social customs that harmed and denigrated women.

He spent a significant amount of time — in a world where women were less valued than men — teaching the absolute equality of women and men before God. He endeavored to elevate women’s earthly status and treatment and sought to help women recognize their divine potential and possibilities.

Amid Jesus’ myriad interactions with women, here are three that illustrate his timeless teachings and are pertinent to conditions today.

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