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General Conference may be one of the best ways to introduce your friends to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This article provides references to help you explain to others what general conference is all about and to invite them to watch the upcoming general conference. Below are images you can use to share on your social media accounts.

Saturday, April 6, 2018
Saturday Morning Session (10:00 a.m.) for everyone
Saturday Afternoon Session (2:00 p.m.) for everyone
General Priesthood Session (6:00 p.m.) for men and young men turning 12 years of age and older

Sunday, April 7, 2018
Sunday Morning Session (10:00 a.m.) for everyone
Sunday Afternoon Session (2:00 p.m.) for everyone

What is LDS General Conference?

Invite Others to Watch General Conference

  • Invite people to go with you to your meetinghouse to watch conference. See the page 8 Ways to Access LDS General Conference to learn all the ways that you can watch general conference. The sessions on Sunday are especially good for those who don’t know much about our faith. Tell people how they can access conference in their homes on radio, Internet, broadcast TV, cable TV, and Roku Internet TV.
  • Share your favorite quotes and stories from General Conference through social media and blogs.
  • Put an image on your website or blog. The Church provides collections of images you can use, including images for General Conference and Current Church Leaders.
  • Click the Share icons on your favorite talks at
  • Follow for additional ideas, images, memes, and videos to share.

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