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All will be greatly blessed by spending private time each day with the Lord — praying and listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, said President Russell M. Nelson on Sunday, June 26, during the 2022 Seminar for New Mission Leaders.

“As you reserve this precious time of preparation each day, the Holy Ghost can reach you and teach you,” he said.

The only speaker during a special sacrament meeting — the concluding meeting of the four-day seminar — President Nelson referred to the Savior’s admonition to enter into “our closet” — whether that closet be a literal closet or some other place of solitude — to begin each day by learning about the Lord and communing with Him.

President Nelson spoke about the temple and the unique power made available to every patron there and encouraged all to reflect often upon their temple covenants. Understanding temple ordinances will help Latter-day Saints feel more confident that the “Holy Ghost will be your companion, your protector, your guide,” he said. “With this kind of daily, divine help, each day of your mission can be historic.”

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