Gaelyn Rae Emerson joins me to talk about the impact of abandonment on women dealing with betrayal trauma from pornography and sexual addiction. She outlines a method she uses to help women move toward healing when they’ve been abandoned. In this episode: 

  • She defines the term “sexual abandonment”.
  • She describes the role pornography plays in this concept of sexual abandonment.
  • She talks about the framework she uses to help her clients engage their grief with self-compassion?
  • She shares why it’s critical that women grieve and mourn this pain of sexual abandonment and why is it so scary to do so. 

You can learn more about her method at:

Gaelyn Rae Emerson works full-time as a betrayal trauma recovery coach, with advanced training in couples relationships, divorce recovery, problematic sexual behavior and sex addiction induced trauma. Within this field, she combines 16 years of personal and professional experience, “down in the trenches” with other women, reeling and healing together from the impact of sexual betrayal.

You can reach Gaelyn at

Certified Professional Life Coach, Impact Coaching Academy (CPLC)
Certified Couples Relationship Coach, Impact Coaching Academy (CCRC)
Certified Divorce Recovery Coach, Impact Coaching Academy (CDRC)
Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF-ACC)
Certified Partners Coach, Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS-CPC)

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