I look for gifts that will ring with meaning and be a treasure for the ones I love, and, as you might expect, I don’t always succeed. These kinds of gifts aren’t usually at my local superstore.

Yet at Meridian we have just those kinds of gifts, and I want to share one of them with you.

I have a sign on my desk that I look at every day that says, “Act as if your life matters”. I put it there because in the frantic run of every day, sometimes I forget how packed with meaning and joy my life is. I forget those ah-ha moments, those whispered impressions. Even when I write in my journal, those sweetest things have already escaped me. Honestly, like everybody, sometimes I act as if my life doesn’t matter.

That’s why I really cherish the Nauvoo Diary & Engagement Calendar, created by my husband, Scot. It is meant to be a record of your upcoming year, something to hold on to for years, as an heirloom for you from 2021.

It is carefully designed to be elegant with distinctive script, inspiring quotes from men and women of the restoration, and stunning, sensitive photography of Nauvoo. It has 168 pages, with numerous places to write and 120 full-color photos. It offers room to write down daily notes as well as fuller thoughts and impressions. When people see it, they always order more, wanting their family members to record their moments, ideas and feelings in a book that is meant to be kept.

This is the first in an heirloom series of diaries that will be offered in the coming years and is designed to make taking down your thoughts and events a reminder that your life really does matter. It’s a delight to share your thoughts in a beautiful place—this Nauvoo diary—that you will want to keep.

Decide now to remember your life.

Here is a sampling of how people intend to use their Nauvoo Diary and Engagement Calendar.

A Scripture Journal—Each week the Come Follow Me lessons ask you to write your thoughts and impressions—but where do you do that? This Nauvoo Diary can be used as that place so you keep your spiritual impressions, answers to prayer and revelation all in one place. This is why we are going to give one to each of our grandchildren who are old enough.

A Gratitude Journal—We were all refreshed by taking President Nelson’s gratitude challenge just before Thanksgiving. I looked forward every day to writing what I was grateful for and creating a post on Facebook. I thought about it all through the day, and I found that doing this, I dwelled in contentment.

A Reminder Journal—You can use this Nauvoo Diary just to take a quick note about your day or something memorable that happened as a source for your larger journal. It is so easy for all of us to forget what happened yesterday, let alone a week ago.  https://latterdaysaintmag.com/nauvoo

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Remembering is a spiritual practice worth adding to your life, and The Nauvoo Diary and Engagement Calendar makes that both easy and beautiful.

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