My husband, Scot, has taken moving and radiant photos of Church history sites in every light, in every season, with details and vistas, with care and with an eye for the Spirit’s touch, because he is in love with every piece and part of the Restoration. Ask him any detail about Joseph Smith and those who sacrificed with him to bring forth this mighty work, and he can tell you.

With his church history library of photography that contains hundreds of thousands of his own photographs, he can probably show you, too. He has arisen in the dark and scrambled up to the highest rooftop to catch the first pink light of morning on the Nauvoo Temple. We have seen the sun rise over the Sacred Grove and chase away patches of fog. We slept in our Suburban to catch morning’s first rays over Adam-ondi-Amman. (see cover image).

If you want the best light, photography doesn’t allow for sleepy heads, and Scot wants the best light. Results require sacrifice.

Last year for Christmas, Scot created the Nauvoo Diary, filled with the select photos from the thousands he has taken and small spaces to write each day. I have used it this year to record the way, each day, I’ve seen the Lord’s hand in my life and my feelings of gratitude.

I didn’t realize until I was carefully watching my life for something to record how the Lord’s grace to us is a daily gift. Recording this year in this simple way has given me eyes to see and an expanded and joyful heart. I reread it, especially when I am tired and feeling mortal and need to be reminded how good my life is.

Was it this year that our grandson came wailing into the world and our dearest friend awakened from a coma? This year that I saw the last play in my old high school auditorium before it was demolished? This year we survived severe bouts with COVID and saw such immeasurable kindness from friends?

Moving forward, this year for Christmas, for the year 2022, Scot has pulled upon his remarkable shots from Kirtland, Ohio, which was a vibrantly spiritual time in Church history, to create the Kirtland Diary for Thoughts and Personal Revelation. His photography has that Kirtland glow about it, and you will love writing your thoughts among such stunning photography. You will be creating a heritage journal to enjoy for many years.

Get one for yourself to start a new, happy habit and one for each of your family members. It will cheer them when they start seeing the world through the lens of gratitude and grace. It is a gift for all you love.

You can see and order the Kirtland Diary for Thoughts and Personal Revelation here to learn more about it and how to order it for your Christmas giving. If you are looking for a meaningful gift for those you love, this is it.