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President Bingham explained that as the women of the Church remember who they are and the covenants they have made, they will come to see one another as “eternal sisters” who fought side-by-side in the preexistence for the right to choose and trusted the Savior to fulfill His promise.

As women see one another from an eternal perspective — or as an “eternal sister” — “We are happy for one another’s successes, we share one another’s sorrows, we forgive one another’s mistakes, and we strengthen each other in our weakness,” she said.

Admittedly, there is need for improvement, President Bingham said. “Studies have shown that the number one reason people leave religion is that they feel judged or unwelcome. That is cited more often than doctrinal disagreement or lack of belief.”

President Bingham then quoted her mother who used to say, “Be a light, not a judge.”

“Our responsibility is to extend an open hand and heart. As we do that, we find that we have created a safe place for sharing, a safe place to grow, a safe place to become our best selves,” she said.

Sister Aburto guided listeners through an exercise to practice how to respond with love so that Relief Society is a place where every woman feels she belongs. 

In the exercise, Sister Aburto presented a scenario and then gave two responses and asked “Which is the best response?”

Whether it was a missionary who had returned home early, a married couple with no children, or a friend telling that she is getting a divorce, the best response was to “look, listen and respond with love.”

President Bingham noted that many of her listeners are securely connected to a Relief Society group who offers them support and cheerful encouragement.

She then encouraged listeners to “turn and face outside your circle. Who are the women who are not engaged? Who hesitates to join, is reluctant to speak up, or declines to participate? … How can we bring every sister into the circle?”

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