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Cover image via Politico. 

Fox News commentator and media personality Lou Dobbs didn’t know what he was starting when he said of LDS independent candidate Evan McMullin’s bid for the presidency: “Look deeper, He’s nothing but a Globalist, Romney and Mormon Mafia tool.” Mormons as a people tend to make cities where there were swamps and so the hashtag #MormonMafia has been taken and turned into the most hilarious series of tweets and Facebook posts you’ll read all day.  It became such a trending topic even Huffington Post ran a piece on the phenomenon:

HuffPost: Lou Dobbs’ Rant About ‘Mormon Mafia’ Becomes Twitter’s Best New Hashtag

Their subtitle to the piece: “Don’t Mess with Mormons.” Here is a sample of the tweets they posted:

Turns out that last guy is on fire, he also posted:

The Deseret News  reported that the original tweet from Dobbs “highlights a gradual shift in American political rhetoric, even by [heretofore] respected commentators like Dobbs, that moves away from civility and toward more personal attacks on identity rather than ideas or policies.” It’s true that this election cycle has been heavy in petty and personal attacks, but as LDSLiving put it “Mormons own[ed] it like nobody’s business.” They shared some more of the highlights of the #MormonMafia tweets:


What are your favorite #MormonMafia quotes?