The other day my daughter Kristi gave me a beautiful analogy: “One day, a neighbor offers to give you some of your favorite fruit. You’re excited that he is offering it, because it is rare and delicious. You grab a small container and rush over to his house, because you don’t want to impose on his generosity with anything larger. When you arrive, he tells you, “Oh I have so much fruit, please take home as much as you can carry?”  But alas, you only have your small container, and aren’t able to take more than what will fit in it.”

This is a Conference metaphor. Of course, WE are the vessel! How big is OUR container that we are bringing to Conference? How much are we personally capable of holding?

Conference is a time to receive. So much delicious “fruit” to partake of as Apostles and Prophets impart their inspired messages from God. As we listen to their words, and are OPEN, the Spirit will teach us what WE need to know NOW, even if it is something completely independent from their texts.

How to Widen Your Container to Hold More of Conference

Feel YOUR spirit open to THE Spirit

Your spirit is a limitless being! Have you ever focused on your spirit as the being that it is? How expansive is it? What is it capable of? It is enshrouded in a physical body, (which is not always in spiritual agreement), but is capable of tremendous understanding if you can open to receive Spirit to spirit.  Imagine yourself opening up like time lapsed flower. Unfold yourself before the Lord in humility and anticipation, ready to receive His sunlight and inspiration!

Stay Focused- a piece of the puzzle

It’s easy to mentally drift as people speak, but it helps to think, “There is something in this talk that is just for me. What is it?   You begin to listen for a puzzle piece that you will need to fit and apply to your future conundrums. I can assure you, when you go into a talk with this FOCUSED thinking, something striking WILL be highlighted to your mind!

Write down your impressions

When you receive that piece of your personal puzzle, write it down. It may come from something insightful the speaker has just said, or it may be something profound that is spiritually embedded in the talk that has nothing to do with his/her actual words.   The Spirit will teach you if you’re ready. If you don’t write it down, it may be lost: “I need to help Sister ______;” “Re-read Ether 12;” “Go to the park alone and meditate;” OR you may have glimpses of vistas open up to your mind that increase your understanding of your individual purpose. All these impressions are precious. They are exact communication of the Lord to YOU! Listen and record this personal revelation! Every person will learn different things from the talks. What are you meant to learn?

In D & C 35:12 it states “And there are none that doeth good except those who are ready to receive the fullness of my gospel, which I have sent forth unto this generation.”   The FULLNESS of the gospel is exactly what we need to help us through these troubled times.   Are we willing to be open to receive it?

Conference is an EXTRAORDINARY opportunity to enlarge ourselves, and commune with the Lord through the power of the Spirit. Let us BE the biggest vessel possible. Let’s widen our potential for receiving all that is delicious! How big is YOUR container?

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