Cover image via Church Newsroom.

From their ten locations around the world, the Giving Machines raised nearly $6.3 million for charitable organizations as part of the Church’s Light the World campaign.

A total of 255,814 items were purchased by individuals at the machines. According to Boncom, the top five most commonly chosen items were:

  • Three chickens (31,006 transactions)
  • 100 polio vaccines (15,132 transactions)
  • Take-home meals for a child (12,623 transactions)
  • One sheep (10,187 transactions)
  • Box of fresh produce (9,730 transactions)

Partner organizations for the 2019 campaign included; UNICEF, Church World Service, WaterAid, Water For People and International Medical Corps.

The ten machines were located in Gilbert, Arizona; San Jose, California; Denver, Colorado; Laie (Oahu), Hawaii; Las Vegas, Nevada; New York City; Orem and Salt Lake City, Utah; London, England; and Manila, Philippines.

This was the third year for the Giving Machines and the fourth year of the Light the World campaign from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.