Is it really that important to have our houses in order when it comes to home storage? I mean, what could really happen in the next 25 years? You answer that question.

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Maurine and I have a good amount of “food storage”, but, like many of you, every time we have moved we usually throw out a lot of storage, or, worse yet, we ship 1,800-2,500 lbs. of grains alone, then we have that moved into our next storage room of our home and finally we move it to the dump. And we have noticed that most all the commercially canned items that we used to have in our home storage (green beans, corn, refried beans, mandarin oranges, applesauce, tuna fish, etc., you know the routine) now have an average shelf life of about 18-24 months. If you don’t believe me, go to a regular case lot sale (or just to the grocery shelf) and pick up one of the cans (put on your reading glasses) and you’ll see something like this: Best if used by November 2016. That’s not much security unless you are using those food items all the time in your family’s diet, rotating them in and out with precision.

Running Meridian on a daily basis puts us face to face with the best and worst news of the country and of the world. Over time we also see trends. This is not rocket science. The Brethren have been asking us for generations to get our houses in order, to carefully set aside food and other items for our home storage and to be prepared for a rainy day. Maurine and I decided to move ahead and make this more of a priority in our lives and try to make the way easier for our readers to make it a priority as well.

Shelf Reliance was a major sponsor of Meridian Magazine for a number of years and we truly appreciated the advertising partnership we enjoyed together. Some time ago, they decided on a different business model and they stopped advertising with us—they also changed their name to Thrive Life. We liked their products so much, and we used them so often, we decided to visit them again and see if there is any way all of us here at Meridian could benefit or get better deals on their food—most of which has a shelf-life of 25 years (now that’s some peace of mind)! We’ve cooked with their Thrive products and found them to be very delicious.

25 Year Shelf Life Fruit

So, here’s what we’re doing with Thrive Life: We have partnered with them again. And if you want to come through Meridian and set yourself up on a budget of $50 a month or more, you can receive special offers every month with discount pricing and bulk buying price reductions that will help you, within a short amount of time, get your house in order—specifically to give your family peace of mind when it comes to home storage and being prepared for a very shaky and insecure future.

Don’t get me wrong, you can buy any products you want through the links we provide here and you don’t have to set yourself up on a monthly budget. That’s okay. Some of our best friends started some years ago with a monthly budget of $100 for their very large family. It didn’t seem like much (when your food budget for the month exceeds $1,000!), but, over time, they have built enough home storage to provide for all the needs of their family for a very long time—all for just $100 a month. It adds up quickly. Again, you can buy any products you want and not sign up for “the Q” –the monthly budget program—and you’ll still get Thrive Life’s wonderful food and wonderful 25-year-shelf-life products.

Maurine and I have set ourselves up on a modest monthly budget for our own home storage. This is automatically prepared and ready for us each month. We can pick it up in American Fork, Utah or we can have it shipped to our home—and we are trying to build enough storage to be able to provide (like our best friends) for a very large family.

We will be pushing one or two products a week for the next many months, trying to encourage and help you get your houses in order. Like many of you we have a crop of grandchildren and many of those families are young and live in tight quarters—making it more difficult for them to have a great amount of home storage. You get the picture.

It would be great if we got a few thousand Meridian families to a place where your houses are truly in order (understanding fully that many of you are already there). Will you join Maurine and me as we get our house in better order?

You can start getting your houses in order by clicking here right here:

Get your house in order

25-Year Shelf Life Fruit (You can click on the picture to get started)

Here are some simple instructions for setting up your monthly budget (Thrive Life calls it “My Q”):

1)  Set up a Customer Account by touching the LOGIN button at the top of the page.

2)  Click on New Customers and fill out the form (it’s very simple)

3)  When you are finished registering as a new customer, go to the MY Q tab at the top of the page.

4)  You may have to sign in again the very first time.

5)  Click on GET STARTED.

6)  Follow the steps to complete your Q set up. Budget = $50/month or more.

7)  Add payment info in the lines provided.

8)  Click on Begin Shipments.

9)  You are ready to go!

We hope to see thousands of you joining with us getting our house in order!