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This is a special time of year when we look forward to gathering with fellow saints to feast upon the word of God. God’s chosen leaders are carefully preparing to share truth and light with us. We have preparation to do as well.

Here are five things you can do now to be prepared for General Conference:

1. Have a question

When we ask specific questions, our minds are focused and we are able to find and receive what we are looking for. Questions are like the great sieve or filter, casting out everything that is irrelevant so that we are only left with what matters—the nourishing answer to our question. Questions are invitations to quest for truth. Seek yours now.

2. Listen without distraction

As much as possible minimize the distractions that may surround you as you seek to learn. You might consider turning off social media. Other people tweeting about their answers may distract you from hearing from God’s appointed servants and experience the answer that is waiting to be discovered. Some of us will be listening to conference with others. Help to create clear expectations for those participating with you that as fellow saints, our role is to help others to receive the revelation they need, and not to be a distraction. For those with children, providing them focus activities that can help them be attentive, may increase the likelihood you will be able to listen without distraction. Finally, know in advance that distractions will occur and that is normal. Don’t worry when those occur, refocus on seeking your answer.

3. Pray for the speakers

Those who have been assigned to speak at General Conference will benefit from all the love and support they can receive. The prayers of the righteous will lift them up and empower them. Pray that they will feel the Spirit as they prepare. Pray that they will teach with the Spirit. Pray that members of the Church will receive truth by the Spirit.

4. Encourage others to prepare

A beautiful gospel principle is that when we learn truth from God we are encouraged to invite others to learn and live those truth. Tell others about your plans to be prepared for General Conference. Where appropriate, share your seeking question with others and have them share with you. Take time during breaks to reflect and share with others what you are learning. Learn from other’s preparation.

5. Record what you are learning

What gets recorded gets remembered. Think of all that we wouldn’t know if God had not asked prophets to record the scriptures. Your life is like your own personal scripture unfolding. Make sure to document your searching scriptures, the revealing answers delivered to you from God, what you are learning, and who you are becoming. Where appropriate share your learnings and journey with others.

May you be blessed as you seek God’s spreading love and truth during General Conference weekend!