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God designed our souls to resonate with beauty and majesty.  Some of our most sacred experiences come from imbedding ourselves in nature, and basking in the stillness it brings.  Through God’s beautiful creations we can instantly be catapulted upward into ONENESS, feel energized and receive signs and symbols of His love…

Strengthened and Empowered by Focusing on Living Things

Have you ever been energized by a tree?  In Moses 3:9, it states,

“And out of the ground made I, the Lord God, to grow every tree, naturally…and it became also a living soul…” [1]

Because it is a living thing created by God, a tree can enliven us.  As we CONCENTRATE on the many facets of a tree, we can get so absorbed in the beauty and energy of it that for those moments, time seems to stand still and we stop thinking about our past or future. We begin to feel a ONENESS instead with the tree and its creator.

Gaze at the light and shadow on the leaves.  How many colors and textures can you discern on the bark?  Many times, I have caught myself weeping with joy as I let go of my troubles and focused on a beautiful tree.

 Martin Luther purportedly stated, 

“God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.”[2] 

I tend to agree with him.  It is a “gospel” of peace and healing.

Profound Energizing Experience

Many years ago, during a period when I was not feeling well, I remember going outside in the warmth of a late spring afternoon.  I sat down on a step in my backyard. I noticed a bright yellow flower near where I was sitting.  I was drawn to it and began to focus on it.  I touched the petals, and felt the velvet texture.  I observed the nuance of color on the petals and stem.   I became aware of its center, and the stamen and pollen that were there.   I remember being totally swallowed up in its intricacies.  After several minutes of being totally “one” with this flower, I noticed that I no longer felt weak and tired.  I had been enlivened by “a living soul,” and felt rejuvenated and energized.

Use Your Senses

FEEL and LISTEN to the crunch of snow, the crackling of leaves or the sound of waves at the beach.  MARVEL in awe at the brilliance of a sunset or a thunderstorm, and let it “take your breath away.”  MINDFULLY OBSERVE a bird as she is building her nest or feeding her young and listen to her song.  SMELL the damp earth after a rain, etc.  As you experience these things, you can begin to feel the awakening of a deeper consciousness; a stillness that transports you into the presence of God.  We need to cherish the sacredness of these moments.

Signs and Wonders From God

When my daughter Kristi was 15 or so, a very strange and marvelous thing happened at a pole vault practice after school.  She was with 6 or 7 other vaulters, each taking turns running down the runway, and vaulting over a bar. 

After a couple of her practice jumps I noticed that when Kristi came “on deck” to take a jump, a little yellow bird would fly up and perch on the top of one of the pole vault standards.  He seemed to be watching her.  After she would take her jump, he would fly away out of site for another 10+ minutes until she jumped again.  This happened at least 4 times, only reappearing when it was Kristi’s turn.  How odd!

As the competition progressed and the bar was raised higher, Kristi came up to the runway this time knowing that if she made this height, it would be a new personal record for her.  Just as she was getting in position on the runway to make her important jump, this same little yellow bird flew over to her and landed on the tip of her pole.  He just stayed there for several seconds, as we were all completely awe-struck!  It was a breathless moment, and an unmistakable sign.  When he flew off, Kristi took off down the runway, – spiritually energized- and made her personal record that she had been trying to make for a long time.   

What Signs Has the Lord Sent to You?

Sometimes the Lord uses something in nature to punctuate an answer to our prayers, or simply to show us that he loves us.  What has he sent to you? A rainbow? A butterfly? A beach crab running over your hand?  A deer suddenly appearing in the woods?

When something in nature happens unexpectedly, we often feel a spiritual resonance and a knowing that this was meant just for us!

Covered in Butterflies- A Sign to Build

Edward James had a marvelous experience with butterflies that showed him the way…

Edward was a very wealthy surrealist artist from England.  In the late 40’s he set out to search for a place in Mexico to build his incredible menagerie of sculptures

While he was exploring for the perfect spot, a large cloud of beautiful butterflies appeared above him as he was bathing in a river.  James felt this was a sign from God and strongly felt that this was the place to build.  Because of his butterfly experience he built Las Pozas, a remarkable place complete with strange avant-garde structures out in the middle of a dense jungle and has been a delight and inspiration for millions around the world who make the journey to see it.[3]

Signs of God’s love through nature can come in big or small ways.

How Can There Be a Mockingbird Here?

One of my favorite things in the world is the song of a mockingbird.  The Lord knows that about me. One specific time when I lived in Monterrey, Mexico I was having a very difficult time, laying on my bed feeling so depressed I couldn’t get up.  Suddenly, I heard a mockingbird right outside my bedroom window.  I knew that song anywhere! But the thing was, Mockingbirds don’t live in Monterrey! I had never heard one there before in the 6 years I had lived there.  Somehow, the Lord orchestrated that mockingbird to come right outside my window and sing at the precise moment I needed a lift.  God’s little miracle broke through the darkness and brought me back to joy.

Transported to Oneness

Some of our most sacred experiences involve the stillness we feel in nature. The Lord offers such magnificence to us in the form of signs, wonders and healing.

Let’s take time to interact with and concentrate on the beauties of nature and in the process become transported to the throne of God.

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[1] Moses 3:9

[2] Martin Luther, alleged quote.  Difficult to document, but the saying is still true whether he said it or not.