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The following is excerpted from the Church News. To read the full article, CLICK HERE.

With more than 1 billion indexed records available, FamilySearch now offers users the ability to edit online the indexed names of their ancestors.

“This has been the No. 1 feature request from our users for a number of years,” said John Alexander, a FamilySearch product manager, adding that the editing tool has been a year in development and testing.

Of the much-anticipated online innovation, “we’ve done everything we can to make sure indexed data is as correct as possible,” he said.

The new index-editing tool can be used to correct name errors or add alternative name spellings, with the amended indexes increasing the likelihood of success for researchers finding ancestral records.

“Adding corrections to an index when the information does not match the names as written in the original document or if the document was recorded wrong will increase the quality of the index and usefulness to other searchers,” Alexander said

The online editing does not change or remove anything from the index record; rather, the editing results in an amendment with additional data. And then both the original information and the amended information become searchable online.

“We still keep the integrity of the original document, the original indexing,” Alexander said. “This is all additive — we’re not taking anything away.”

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