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Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles called on non-governmental organizations, governments, and faith groups to refocus their efforts in responding to the personal and family crises suffered by refugees and internally displaced people.

“In the past, charitable institutions have provided financial support, medical treatment, and other physical needs for refugee victims, all of which are still needed, said Elder Holland, addressing an audience at the Chatham House—the Royal Institute of International Affairs—in London, England, on July 2. “But we now understand that we must look to emotional and spiritual needs as well.”

Citing the severe persecution experienced by the Yazidi people in Northern Iraq, Elder Holland said, “Every community has different challenges and different reasons for their resilience in facing them. For many, especially a tightly-knit faith-based community like the Yazidis, their faith is the one crucial resource that will allow them to pull deeply from the wellsprings of life that are sacred to their tradition.

“It is just as precious to them as water, food, and air. By preserving a person’s faith, we help preserve their future.”

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