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Elder Carson Brown knows he is at the Missionary Training Center to prepare to go and teach people about Jesus Christ in the Colombia Barranquilla Mission.

But the missionary from Gilbert, Arizona, also knows something just as crucial — the gospel is for him individually, too.

“A lot of times we lose focus on how important the covenants we make are,” said Elder Brown after listening to Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles speak at the MTC on Tuesday, Nov. 8. “We forget how important our covenants are and don’t focus as much as we should on our blessings and how much those covenants we make bless our lives individually.”

Other missionaries mentioned feeling like they were in a class with Elder Bednar as their teacher. Yet he told them not to take detailed notes of everything he said — rather write down what they felt or what they learned.

With that direction, Sister Ashlyn Vought from St. George, Utah, wrote in her notebook in all capital letters: “Start with Him.”

“Start with Christ,” she explained. “If you have a question, start with Him.”

When she goes to teach others in the Texas Houston East Mission, Sister Vought will tell them about the covenant path. Christ isn’t at the end of the path but walks with people on the covenant path — “and He is the path.”

A covenant connection with the living Christ

Elder Bednar showed the missionaries two videos filmed with Primary General President Susan H. Porter that illustrated how progressing along the covenant path often may be perceived: baptism, going to the temple, going on a mission, with Jesus Christ at the end of the sequence.

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