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The picture, snapped by a photojournalist at the Ukrainian border last March, captures an image of Olga Zabrodina and her children.

Dressed in winter clothing and looking exhausted, Zabrodina is carrying her 2-year-old son Sasha’s stroller; the child is still buckled inside. It is apparent that the Latter-day Saint mother could no longer push the stroller along the rough, rocky, frozen terrain.

After war erupted in Ukraine, local leaders asked members to pray for revelation and determine whether they should flee or stay in country amid the escalating military conflict.

Zabrodina speaks beautiful English and knew her talent could bless the nation. Her husband was already fighting with Ukrainian forces. She wanted to stay and help.

But as she prayed, she knew she should leave the country to save her children.

With her three sons, elderly father, sister and two nieces, Zabrodina crossed the borders of five countries over 11 days — arriving in Germany with only a few personal items in a backpack. “Someone from the Church was there to carry my son and give me some water,” she said.

Unable to withdraw money from the bank and without knowing if her husband was alive, she prayed for the conflict to stop.

Yet, she was sustained by a powerful feeling of peace. “We left by revelation. We received help. We are so blessed,” she said.

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