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 Today I’m happy to announce “Discovering the Word of Wisdom: A Short Film.” In this video, faithful Latter-day Saints share the priceless treasures they have found by embracing the counsel in the Word of Wisdom regarding the wholesome food the Lord has ordained for our use. The Word of Wisdom is about so much more than alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea!

We Mormons have long been blessed by the Word of Wisdom, but we have too often neglected the additional counsel in D&C 89 that is designed to enrich our lives. As we see in this video, the promises of the Word of Wisdom are not just physical, but also spiritual. Who doesn’t need additional physical and spiritual blessings? The counsel to eat a healthy diet may not come by way of “commandment or constraint” (D&C 89:2), but why let that keep up from claiming the promised blessings?

What is especially wonderful about the Word of Wisdom is that the Lord designed this counsel and these blessings for “all saints in the last days” (D&C 89:2). That’s us! That’s now!

I produced this film to make it easier to get this Word of Wisdom message out to as many people as possible. I hope you’ll help me share it!

Note: For better viewing, click on the Full Screen icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the video. You can turn on subtitles for English, French, or Spanish (use the Settings and CC icons).

Please Share the Video!

I hope you will share this video with as many people as you can. There are many searching for answers to health and nutrition and not realizing all the wisdom the Lord has already given us in D&C 89. Please share with family, friends, and others you think would be interested. I hope even people not of our faith will enjoy the video and appreciate learning about our Church and the marvelous Word of Wisdom the Lord has given to all His children!

For More Information

If you enjoyed the video, get more information here: Discovering the Word of Wisdom: Film Follow-up.

Can You Translate This Video Into Another Language?

This video currently has subtitles for French and Spanish. If you are able and willing to create subtitles for a different language, please contact me. Thanks so much!!

Jane Birch is the author of Discovering the Word of Wisdom: Surprising Insights from a Whole Food, Plant-based Perspective (2013) and many articles on the Word of Wisdom. She can be contacted on her website, Discovering the Word of Wisdom.