The time has come, and we are moving from California to Texas. When I posted that I was giving away my food storage wow, did I get a lot of comments. Yes, there were many ready to take it off my hands but there were others absolutely shocked. Let me explain.

Consider the cost: It is very expensive to move away from California. Many more are leaving than coming. Trucks, whether renting or using a professional mover, are few and far between. We considered the cost of moving compared to purchasing again. Yes, it is expensive to replace food, but it is also expensive to move it. We opted for replacement.

Food storage storage. Since we are moving a long distance to a home we purchased online, scary, I know, we did not really know how much room we will have for storing. Every situation requires a different plan. We opted for seeing our new home and planning for storing in our new circumstances before moving in with cases and cases of food.

Saving up to replace. Since we have a very healthy food storage pantry, we have been eating exclusively from our in-home General Store. Now, I go to the store for milk, eggs and produce and I get cash back. I will normally spend about $100 a week on groceries, now if I spend $20 I get $80 in cash back. I will use this cash to purchase food storage when we get settled and it will have no effect on the budget.

Scope out grocery shopping. Before I replace the food and non-food items in my General Store, I will check around for the best places to purchase food and I will wait for sales to buy in bulk.

As I think about moving, there are a few non-self-reliance things I am doing that you may want to consider for your next move.

Have tools ready. We have tools ready to cook off grid such as paint can or camping stoves, consider what tools will be needed for your move. Assemble a simple tool kit with screw drivers, hammers, box cutters, wire and measuring tape. Be sure to include any tool needed, such as hex screw drivers to reassemble furniture. Do not pack this in a truck. Keep it with you.

When disassembling furniture place all components needed to reassemble in one baggie and label. If you have the original directions for assembly include those. Store parts for all furniture and shelving in one tub and again, do not pack this in the moving truck. Keep tub with you so you can quickly put together the bed frame and get a good night’s sleep before attacking all those boxes in the morning.

Assemble a 1st day kit. This will take a few tubs or boxes but don’t skip this step. Consider what you will need the first day or two in your new home. You will need a way to cook; pot, pan, hot pads and utensils; easy to prepare foods (cold cereal, instant oatmeal, soups etc.); towels, sheets, blankets and pillows, first aid kit, drinking glasses, plates, silverware, soap, extension cord, medications for headache and muscle pain, prescriptions, paper towels, rags and cleaning supplies, chargers, clock, toilet paper, toiletries, shower curtain, change of clothing and pajamas, favorite blankie or toy for the kids, snacks, baggies, trash bags, scissors, note book and pens, cash. This is not meant to be a complete list. Observe your day-to-day activities for a few days now and make a list of the items you use every day.

Check insurance coverage. Will your belongings be covered if the moving truck or your personal auto or truck should be involved in an accident or robbed?

Map out a route or two. If you are moving a long distance, know alternate routes in case of a weather incident such as ice storm, flooding or the aftermath of a hurricane, earthquake, civil unrest or closures due to road work.

Sort out your paperwork and keep it with you. You may need insurance, medical, loan, credit card, banking, home sale and purchase information. Create a list of important contacts in more than one place. We rely on the contact list in our phone but during a move, you may forget to charge your phone or misplace the charger.

Moving is stressful. The stress can be lessened with a little planning and organization.

Carolyn is moving but Totally Ready is not. Continue to ask questions and get tips and tricks at and Totally Ready on Facebook.