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May 13, 2021

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Mike CJanuary 1, 2017

And yet Jews in this country vote overwhelmingly for democrats including Obama and Hillary. That's frustrating to those of us who care about this issue here who are conservative and/or identify as republican. Having Israel's back has not been questioned when it's come to Republicans. Yet, Jews here keep voting over and over for candidates who obviously disagree with Israel and pull more for the Palestinians. Which leads me to ask- if they don't have that much concern about who is elected president, someone who genuinely will have Israel's interest in mind- why should I?

MaryanneDecember 31, 2016

When I tried to imagine the scenario that would result in Armeggedan, the whole world coming as an army against Israel, with the Temple Mount the focus, no plausible scenario ever presented itself. Until now. Now international law would allow United Nations troops to seize this space from Israel. And it is inconceivable that the world body will ever have the votes to rescind this resolution. No matter how far in the future this lies, the legal justification for this army is now international law.



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