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April 9, 2020

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SDDecember 3, 2016

It isn't fair to the children to loose the other side of the family. As long as the grandparents and others are kind to the children and want to be a part of their lives, I would stay connected, even if it is as simple as Christmas cards. If the children are old enough, they can begin to send individual cards of their own to their relatives.

Donnie J.December 2, 2016

Send the card to the grandparents, but have it come from the children, not you. They sign it and put their name on the return address. Keeping in touch, without keeping in touch. The grandparents may never say, but they will appreciate the gesture.

D. L.December 2, 2016

I went through this years ago too. My children were toddlers at the time. I sent the cards, usually with a photo of the kids. This way they kept connected and could never say I kept the kids from them. As the kids grew, I had them sign the cards and even write a little note in them. Put the kids names on the return address and write photo on the envelop and they will be more likely to open the card. But it's your ex's responsibility, also, to keep the family connected. Make sure you let him know that.



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