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August 19, 2022

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Douglas BagleyOctober 21, 2016

I was a widower, she was divorced with 6 children. Then, we adopted a son. One thing we successfully did when we had all the children together was to tell them they are not OUR children, but Heavenly Father's children. When we see Him He will ask us how we did with His children. Sure, biologically we came together from different parents, but someday they would all marry their own spouses. Nonetheless, we can go through mortality together, helping one another, loving one another too. People are different. Some use the left side of their brain and are good at math, others use the right side more and are artistic. No one is dumb. Everyone has unique features and we help one another become capable. We would tell the kids if they messed up, don't be normal, be your best self. How can we help? Treating everyone with respect and building their self-esteem is a parent's best goal. Of course, on Sunday, we all went to Church together. We did most everything we could together.



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