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August 4, 2020

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DanielSeptember 21, 2016

Peter's comment right on: This thing is about "wisdom" not exact unthinking specifics. How far do we stray when we don't think? Janet's observation about church and university functions - so right on. Give us choices if we are people who "think" about what will help us have a relatively long healthy self-sufficient life not dependent on a cabinet full of chemicals given by the doctors.

MarkSeptember 21, 2016

I feel this article really hit the nail on the head and has helped me gain further insight into something I have been thinking about for sometime not. As an amateur body builder I eat very clean and the word of wisdom has given great guidance on treating the body like a temple. Since trying to eat healthy I started drinking traditional Chinese tea following the traditional Taoist methods. I do this because it is extremely healthy for body and mind but it also goes in line with commandments given by the Lord. It should only be consumed between 65-85 Celsius, and therefore not considered a hot drink that can lead to throat damage. Tea is a seasonal herb that according to traditional methods should only be consumed at certain times of day and during certain seasons, according to the weather. Finally it is also medicinal and can be used to help defend against certain physical ailments. I feel that by following to these guidelines that I am assisting my body stay healthy and thereby following to word of wisdom. I would also like to add that when I have me little tea ceremony it is in a state of peace and quiet allowing me to remain calm, meditate and approach the Lord through prayer and reading the scriptures. I don't feel that this is something the Lord would forbid. Furthermore when approaching the Lord through prayer about this I do not receive the impression that I am doing the wrong thing.

Pene HortonSeptember 20, 2016

If a Car Manufacturer says to us, "If you want your car to run perfectly, don't put sugar in the gas tank," we wouldn't do it .. neither would we put sand, wood shavings, turpentine, extra virgin olive oil or any number of other substances the Car Manufacturer doesn't have to specifically mention. Thank you, Jane, for another great article and for helping us dig into what our Manufacturer wants us to know and do about His revelation.

JanetSeptember 20, 2016

While attending education week at BYU this August, I was struck by the lack of foods available on campus that would truly help the students, faculty and staff eating on campus live the Word of Wisdom in a meaningful way. Too many processed foods. Fruits packaged with dips. Too much sugar. High calorie, high carb meals. Too many sweets. Yet some wonderful classes were being taught on healthy eating. Hope some of the people at BYU read this. It would be wonderful if we could help our young people develop good eating habits. So many health issues could be avoided.



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