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October 19, 2019

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Ted GibbonsMarch 25, 2016

Vardell, Alma tells us in Mosiah 27:28 that he is "born of God." I have always assumed that me meant he was born again. I think his redemption, which certainly came to him in mortality, did not come until he had demonstrated the permanence of his conversion by his years of reclaiming souls. Ted

VardellMarch 23, 2016

Thanks Brother Gibbons. Anyone who has experienced being racked with guilt, and then felt the joy of forgiveness can understand Almas experience. But I have a question, what is it that Alma experienced? Is it being Born Again? Alma seems to refer to that, Alma 36:23, but Alma also refers to it as being Redeemed, Mosiah 27:25. Is this an example of what it means to be Born Again? And to be Redeemed?

CharlieBrown2292March 23, 2016

We tend to be our own worst Judges, which so often represents an impairment to our spiritual growth that we need to be constantly reminded that salvation remains within our reach. I prayed this morning for a sign that the Lord cared about me, and your article may well have represented the answer to this request, provided by a noble soul "moved upon by the Spirit."

Charles McClellandMarch 23, 2016

This is the most insightful article on the atonement that I have read in a long time. "Snatched" is the right verb!

BenMarch 23, 2016

This is true. Although I did not suffer as long as Alma. My soul was wracked and brought to rememberence of my past transgressions. Not sure mine were as vengeful as Alma. Might be since the wracking of my soul, which was as fearful and broken as I had ever been. I cried out for relief, as I saw a picture of our living savior giving his love to children. I know that picture is in every primary class across the world. It stopped. One moment I was feeling internally tortured then peace came over my soul and mind. The bell rang and I felt his love and forgiveness. His last words were "it's finished". He did not say to be continued. Mercy and love at a depth I have not quite felt since. Faith now cause I know. Still mortal I rely on his grace daily. Thank you for reminding me that our fathers thoughts and ways are not mine. The spirit teaches me this. So grateful for Jesus and his ultimate gift. Life, love, and eternal families. And the light of your article. A testimony of 2. ✌️



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