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October 22, 2020

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Sonia FranciscoMay 27, 2016

I am going to encourage our family to eat at the dinner table more often, rather than in frnt f the tv as well as drinking water and setting fork down inbetween bites.

NancyatChoicesApril 22, 2016

I know that I drink way more water than I used to and feel better about it. It is a blessing to see this spelled out in a way that makes it easy to follow. The scriptural references help, also.

Been There Done ThatApril 15, 2016

I am reading this series of articles with some concern. The theory behind this "diet" is that all fat people eat too much, and therefore if they just eat less, they will lose weight. If they would just learn to bridle themselves! Unfortunately, many people are over weight because their hormones are off, or their brain chemistry is awry (see the book The Diet Cure). Of course many of them probably eat too much also, but these other conditions make it almost impossible to lose weight even if they cut back. I speak as an experienced fat person and a friend to many fat people. Many of my fat friends exhibit enormous discipline--they go without sugar for months or even years at a time; they go through gastric bypass surgeries, only to regain the weight later; they exercise for an hour a day, eat vegetarian, and still gain weight; they live on 800-1200 calories a day for month and exercise 1-2 hours a day, only to regain all the weight as they attempt to eat normally. I originally gained weight by going on the birth control pill. Even though I was eating the same and my activity level was constant, I put on 40 pounds in just a few months. Since then, I have gained and lost weight multiple times associated with my pregnancies, so I know from experience that by eating less calories as this author proposes, at some point your body will begin to think it's starving and pile the weight back on regardless of how much you "bridle" your appetite. A few years ago, I worked diligently for months on my weight, eating only nourishing foods, and restricting my intake. I drank water copiously and exercised daily. I felt blessed to get 40 pounds off. Then, I became pregnant. Within two weeks 10 of those pounds had returned, and despite my efforts to eat very carefully and exercise frequently, all 40 pounds came back. Obviously, hormones play a role in weight gain for some people. There is a lot of wonderful research out there right now for obese people: the importance good fats play in our diet, getting the essential amino acids our bodies need, the importance of anaerobic exercise over aerobic exercise for weight loss, and the role that sugar and insulin play in our bodies for weight gain. In addition, if you are nursing a baby, and you want to keep nursing, do not follow the "half diet." Your body needs those calories and nutrients to make milk.

RebeccaKApril 12, 2016

I heard from a friend in Japan that in samurai tradition, one eats until not quite full, and then stops. Don't know if that's true or not, but it is something I think about regularly. Can't wait to read this book!

AmyMarch 23, 2016

I'm going to try this today. I find myself turning to chocolate at the office (or donuts if they're brought in) for a snack, due to ease of eating and temptation, and ignoring the apple or the cucumber slices I've brought along. Today, I'm going to cut my apple (mid-morning snack) into slices instead of eating it whole (which generally means big bites). Also, we have a lunch and learn at work today so I'm going to drink my water before the meal and take half a portion of whatever is served.

KathrynMarch 16, 2016

Both of the pre-habits are things my family needs to work on. My oldest child is definitely chronically dehydrated. She loathes drinking water. And my second oldest eats so fast she's done before some of us even start. Thank you for these insights. I will read the previous articles! And the ones to come. ☺

Margaret JMarch 16, 2016

I have gotten away from putting my fork/spoon/sandwich down between bites, but I'm committing to doing it again. For the sake of manners and the tablecloth, though, I'll put it on my plate instead of the table.

AlMarch 16, 2016

I'm excited to give this a try!!

CelesteMarch 16, 2016

I am interested and excited to try this! So glad I stumbled upon these articles.



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