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August 6, 2020

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Annette SladeJanuary 19, 2016

Wonderful story..... hope we are given an update in a few months!

Sarah in NZJanuary 19, 2016

What a wonderful transformation !! Well done that lady!! I have be reading you articles and have swapped out processed sugar and white flour ( did you know chickpeas are great in cakes !) Having Dahl for lunch with brown rice, millet and quinoa which I cook up and freeze etc. I'm still addicted to sugar and cave more than I want to. But I made a Christmas cake with no sugar, and whole wheat flour , no eggs or butter .it was surprisingly good. Froze it and grab as I need. I'm a long way from giving up meat and animal products, but I'm doing salads in a it's a start. My chocolate cake is made with sunflower seeds and dates. I'm thinking about d&c 89 more than I ever did at steps! White flour has now become ground up oats , dates take the place of sugar, I use eggs, but have been known to use flax or chia eggs. If a vegetarian now came for dinner, I wouldn't freak out as I have a few curry recipes with veg I can give them. I don't know,if I will ever want to live without meat and butter. NZ has great animal products !! But I know that if you can follow a more whole based diet and try and cut the processed will feel cleaner, your blood won't flow like treacle etc. our ice cream is pretty nice here, but so is our thickened cream so I'm having a tsp of that on dessert instead of ice cream with sugar and who knows what In. Baby steps...



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