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September 17, 2021

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JonDecember 30, 2015

Anyone who has traveled in the middle east and has read the Quran will tell you to beware of "Al-taqiyya". Taqiyya ("al Taqiyya") is the Muslims' license to lie to infidels in order to camouflage Islam's holy war strategy (jihad) to conquer the world. Look it up in the Quran. It is the obligation and duty of every Muslim to conquer the world for Islam by conversation or "by the sword". Unbelievers (all other faiths), infidels (apostates) and Jews are to be put to the sword. Hence the beheading of thousands by Isis.

FredDecember 17, 2015

Part of the issue is the sensational nature of the US media in our day. For example, inter-city crime continues to take many innocent lives (consider Chicago's daily crime report- but it's never reported nationally) but they are not considered collateral damage of dysfunctional families. I always worry when the media gets focused on an issue. First it sells their publications and web sites, second, it shaped public opinion. That's real power. Heaven help the group or organization they pick to "examine".

ChrisDecember 15, 2015

You can hear and read many Muslim voices condemn the terrorists. Look and listen, meet and greet. Our son showed us a video in the Netherlands of people being quoted supposed verses from the Koran that were violent. They responded that these are examples of what makes Muslim cultures more violent. Then they were told the verses were from the Bible. Every culture has the blessing and challenge of understanding ancient sacred texts, resolving difficult issues and applying them to today.

GarryDecember 14, 2015

Yes - "So what are the primary drivers of Islamic Terrorism" and when will the "billions" of peace loving moderates rise up and put down their radical factions.

Liz allamDecember 12, 2015

There are more than one version of the Quran, the one I have read here in Egypt , which is the most accurate of the original version , still a translation in English. There are rwgional differences in belief systems, like there are many different belief systems among the Christian faith , so too are there many different systems of belief among Islam . I have read almost the entire translated Quran I received from my father and mother in law here in Egypt , and it says nothing about making jihad against anyone, and the only time it is lawful to kill is in defense of life, family, country , and freedom! To take a life who is innocent is against Islam. I am Christian , and I believe that all of us are GOD's children. And we must be smart but we must also be compassionate .

AleceDecember 12, 2015

Unfortunately, I don't think moderate Muslims have become uncomfortable enough with being connected to their more radical Muslims brothers and sisters to turn on them, and -- especially -- to stop funding them. Until that happens, the collective silence of the moderates speaks quite loudly!

Dona HesslingDecember 12, 2015

We lived in a Turkish neighborhood for twelve years in Hamm, Germany. Oh,what I learned from them about the Gospel. They believe very similar to us "Mormons", have the same morals, don't drink alcohol, honor the Creation, parents, ancesters. They even believe in the Sohn of Mary - not take His name in vane - who is the Mediator between Allah and man. He is not a god as proclaimed by "Christian" churches. "Mormons" are not considered "Christians", because they think so differently, but are simiilar to Moslems. Outside of the house the men have the say, but,inside they are banished into the lliving room. We couldn'tvisit them at a mealtime, otherwise we had to stay to eat. There were no fights, but the weak were protected. Some left to returned to Turkey so that their children would be protected from this immoral society. As the Lamanites were used to call the Nephites to repenance, the Lord is permitting the Moslems to call us to repentance. Many do say, a new peophet is needed and I know some have found one in Thomas S. Monson and have been baptized. I could write much more,but lllet this be enough for the present.

Lynn McClurgDecember 11, 2015

I lived in Libya with my family for three years. After all the warm fizzles about Islam remember this is a supremacist ideology and all the rest of us are infidels. The Koran, is the basis of their sence of moral rightness. The Koran allows and promotes aggression towards infidels . Their ultimate objective is for Islam to dominate this planet.

Kevin JKDecember 11, 2015

Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator examined those same stats. He made a YouTube video explaining what may be the cause of the violence. Search for: "The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority" on YouTube.

DonDecember 11, 2015

I admit to my own ignorance and in forming biased opinions without an adequate level of understanding. I do understand that there are good and bad people everywhere. But how many Muslims, even those living in the US, are willing to condemn Hamas and other terror groups? My (very limited) experience is that most of them will not. I'm asking because I really want to know.

David HallDecember 11, 2015

Excellent points, and we need voices like yours to help calm us with all the other voices of intolerance around us. I would only take issue with one point, and that is the conclusion that your draw from the fact that there is no difference in personal piety between moderate Muslims and the Islamists. You say, "This plainly suggests that it isn't Islam, as such, that generates terrorism." I have read the Koran, and for those who take the Koran literally, it isn't a large jump to justify terrorism. It speaks plainly of the mission to destroy the infidels. Islam is torn between the fundamentalist minority who take this literally and the moderate, reformist majority who subscribe to a more tolerant view. So I believe that it is the literal interpretation of Islam that does indeed generate terrorism. I think it's important to understand this, so that we can, in a spirit of tolerance and love, reach out and help strengthen the moderate Muslims, because the Islamists also target them.

PaulDecember 11, 2015

Several things mentioned that are not related to terrorism. Good to know. So does the study say what is related ?

Sharolyn GDecember 11, 2015

I also speak highly of this book! I'm so happy to see this perspective put out there. I have been to Muslim countries, and the people are so generous, loving and peaceful. I teach high school history and government and try to spread this message, but the perceptions many students are getting from their families and friends is flawed, I believe. We need more understanding and peace building. I refuse to let a minority of radicals change my opinion on a billion others. Thank you for posting this.

Kevin JKDecember 11, 2015

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro did a YouTube video examining these statistics. It's very interesting and a great starting point for discussions -

DanDecember 11, 2015

So what are the primary drivers of Islamic terrorism?



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