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April 11, 2021

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Diane IrwinJune 2, 2015

My husband David was Head of Security when President Ezra Taft Benson and Elder Perry came to Ann Arbor, Michigan for Area Conference. To our surprise and delight, Elder Perry sent David a note of thanks for all he did! We have it tucked away as one of our family treasures.

James BuetaJune 1, 2015

When I first attended a general conference April 2010. I ask myself what are the chances of shaking the hands of a prophet? Touring the temple square and other historical buildings in downtown salt lake, I prayed that I may be able to shake the hands of a prophet.On the way to Brigham Young Mansion, coming down from the Administration Building, greeting me with a warm voice "it's a beautiful day today" and reaching handshake.Simply replying, Yes Elder..Then I remember it's Elder L Tom Perry, my prayer was answered, apostles are prophets..

DBakerJune 1, 2015

Indeed the mark of a great man, who will notice each person possible and not lift above that. I never met him but very highly appreciate what you have described about him, and his way of addressing, at all. Good, warm, old school. I met Elder Haight once at a stake conference, but he was being ushered out by well-intended people who made sure there was not the kind of contact you describe. I nevertheless did touch his arm, and felt goodness flow into me in my time of need which was before leaving family for 7 month military deployment. Elder Haight felt something also, and turned and smiled. Such a blessed memory. Earlier point of time, just after I was baptised, I was an usher in cultural hall, at stake conference. This large tall person with lots of snap crackle and pop (ie.e., spiritual static electricity) appeared in front of me. Taken aback, I sputtered and offered him a seat. He said that he had a seat, that he was just shaking hands with people. Yes, Bruce R McConkie did have a seat - on the stand. And now I know his cousin and author, Leslie Pearson Rees, who spent 40 years writing the book I most enjoy more than some of those others. Bless those like Elder Perry who go into the more remote areas and meet members on the ground. I love the Gospel. I pray for those servants - personally and at the alter.

Arlene M. HenleyJune 1, 2015

He was such a special person. My memory of him is so wonderful. He invited himself to one of our family's reunions after setting apart a cousin as a stake president. He even showed up on the day of the reunion. Took time to speak to my elderly mother, spoke to us for a few minutes and even had his picture taken with my grandchildren and others. So open and loving to all of us there that day.

Claudia CalissieJune 1, 2015

I remember Elder Perry when he was the stake president in Boston. I went to a young adult conference there in 1972 and got to meet him. It didn't surprise me at all when he was called to be an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.



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