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June 17, 2024

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Lawrence M. Barry Chaplain, Colonel, US Army (Ret)September 18, 2023

Thank you for your insightful and informative article. As a lifelong member of the Church and a retired LDS Army chaplain I sometimes cringe at the loud opposition voices. Your article is sorely needed. Thank you.

Bryan StinocherSeptember 18, 2023

Exactly on point. I have long held the belief that once I have paid my tithings and offerings I have fulfilled my end. I believe I will be blessed for that act of faith and obedience. If the Brethren then misuse the funds that is on them and not me. I don't have the ability to decide if the church 'needs' the money. Tithings and offerings have NEVER been about money. It is all about faith and obedience. I echo the sentiment in this article that most of us have little to no concerns about how the church spends its money. But the media loves an agitator and someone who can casts aspersions on anyone, particularly a religion.

Richard G F TophamSeptember 18, 2023

Thank you for a very informative article and the thoughts of every day Latter Day Saints. My thoughts entirely. I have friends that are very much on the edge at the moment and need to read this article and to be able to put things in perspective.Truth Will Prevail.

Sally SmithSeptember 18, 2023

This was an excellent commentary and rebuttal against the Washington Post article. I don't usually spend time looking at articles such as the one written in the Post because,inherently. I know it will be filled with slander, lies and misinformation.

David ShafferSeptember 18, 2023

Well said, and politely. Thank you.



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