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September 29, 2020

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Pamela SmithMarch 12, 2015

Renaissance Nerd: FYI. The quote supposedly said by Joseph Smith (about how if we could see even the Telestial World we'd kill ourselves to get there) can NOT be attributed to him, though it's been oft repeated as being said by him.

Matt ThorleyMarch 12, 2015

I share your suspicion that there is much more to reality than we sense in mortality. I have wondered about the physics of spirit. Joseph Smith said that all spirit is matter, just more refined than we can sense in mortality, but when we do see it, we will see that it is all matter. My current idea is that spirit either is subatomic particles or at least operates at the subatomic level. Physics at the quantum level is very different from the physics we experience in mortality, and those difference suggest possible answers to the questions like; how and why was the spiritual creation accomplished?, how does God “hear” and “answer” prayer?, how can God travel from where he resides to appear to men on earth?, how can the spirit persist after death of the mortal body? I do not believe God does magic. The things we call miracles are simply God working his will with knowledge and power that far surpass ours, but it is not magic. It is all done according to physical laws that we do not now comprehend, but which we can, if we choose, when we become like him. I am also convinced that near death experiences (NDE) are people who have visited the spirit world and returned to tell about it. NDEs are now being studied by serious scientists who are finding statistically significant correlation in their descriptions such as; • Lifting out of their body and being able to observe what is going on. Many of them recall details they otherwise could not have known. • Finding themselves in a void or tunnel and traveling towards light. • Encountering a being of light that they describe as overwhelming total love and absolute knowledge. • Meeting and communicating (without speaking) with other people, some of whom may be loved ones who have passed on. • Undergoing some sort of life review in which they emphatically experience the effect their actions in mortality had on others. • Seeing structures, plant life, animal life and people, all of dazzling brilliance and vivid colors, unlike anything they have seen on earth, but also somehow feeling familiar and natural. • Sometimes being told they must return to mortality, and other times being given the choice. Traditional Christian concepts of the judgment and heaven and hell sound to me like a pretty good description of Mormon theology of partial judgment upon physical death, and temporary assignment to either paradise, or spirit prison (hell). Christian traditions of angels sound to me like the spirit personages (sans the wings in Christian paintings) almost all near death experiencers describe meeting during their experience. I am confident that near death experiences are visits to the spirit world by people who live to tell about it. They all report that because of their experience they have no fear of death. I feel the same. I have no fear of being dead. I do not mean to be morbid, but I look forward to it, although I don’t look forward to dying. As the lyrics of the new country song go, “everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to go now.” Throughout recorded history essentially every religion in the world except atheism has had some concept of life after death. And typically those concepts include common elements such as judgment, accountability for our actions, and the existence of spirits/angels. I believe there have been thousands, perhaps millions, of people who have had near death experiences throughout history in which they visited the spirit world, but returned to tell about it, and those experiences provide the basis for the concepts of heaven, hell, angels and judgment we find in almost every religion.

Diann LivingstonMarch 12, 2015

The article on water is a little hard to comprehend at one reading, so I understand why the 4th phase of water isn't mentioned in detail in this piece. Here is a quote from the article "Water absorbs infrared energy freely from the envi- ronment, and it uses that energy to convert bulk water into liq- uid crystalline water (fourth phase water)—which we also call “exclusion zone” or “EZ” water because it profoundly excludes solutes, i.e., substances that create a solution when dissolved in a solvent. Hence, the buildup of EZ water occurs naturally and spontaneously from environmental energy. Additional energy input creates additional EZ buildup."

Renaissance NerdMarch 11, 2015

That particular quote I have always loved, but it was not DeDe who said it. Meg Ryan played three roles in "Joe vs the Volcano" and when she said that she was in fact playing Patricia Graynamore. It's one of my favorite movies, I'm not be a stickler just for fun. I also particularly like the moonrise scene, when Tom Hanks say: "Dear God, whose name I do not know. Thank you for my life. I forgot how BIG!" And also the luggage salesman scene: "Have you ever considered...luggage?" "No, no I haven't." "It has been the central preoccupation of my life..." Worth considering before choosing a profession. I first realized the true vastness of the world and humanity thanks to Adam Smith's 'Wealth of Nations.' In trying to determine the cost of a 'common workman's shirt' I extended the lesson to every part of life, and the enormity and complexity is truly staggering--mind-boggling in the fullest sense. In addition to showing me the marvel of how it all fits together, at least as far as my puny mind can stretch, it awakened me to the true greatness of God. Joseph Smith said that if people could see the Telestial Kingdom they would kill themselves to get there--try to imagine the glory of the Terrestrial or Celestial by comparison! It's impossible, but fun to try anyway. And behind it all the Architect, greater than any of us can comprehend.

PattiMarch 11, 2015

Great article but wish you had revealed the 4th element about water as I can't find it in the article referenced to.

Theodore BrandleyMarch 11, 2015

Interesting, thought provoking article! In Gerald Pollack’s, “The Fourth Phase of Water” (endnote 8) is the following quote: “Filtration occurs naturally because the liquid crystalline phase massively excludes solutes and particles in much the same way as does ice. Accordingly, fourth phase water is essentially solute free…Purification by this method requires no physical filter: the fourth phase itself does the separation with the energy coming from the sun.” Joseph Smith wrote in the Liberty jail, “How long can rolling waters remain impure?” (D&C 121:33). Was this folk wisdom, or did he understand more of the physics of nature than he told?

Norma HuntMarch 11, 2015

I loved what you had to say. It brought to mind Doctrine and Covenants 88 where it speaks of the earth, sun, moon , and stars "as they roll upon their wings in their glory, in the midst of the power of God." Thank you for a thoughtful and interesting article.



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