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September 27, 2020

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TomMarch 11, 2015

Jane, I just want to thank you for your series of articles. I began eating a whole foods, plant based diet several years ago. IT was a struggle at first. The dietary changes took some getting used to, but it was primarily the challenges of trying to get others in the family to support my changes. Now two years later, we are still learning, but overall we are so much more healthy and happy. I can't say I've reached all of goals, for weight and health yet, but our entire family now eats healthier. The routine of preparation is much easier. One of my daughters now has chosen to eat this way. I guess what I am saying is that the process of changing a lifetime's habits can take a while. However, the benefits are very real, not only physically, but spiritually. There are many blessings waiting for us as we embrace the Word of Wisdom more fully. I am so glad that LDS people are beginning to talk about this and recommend it and testify of it. I believe that the Word of Wisdom holds blessings that church members need to move to the next level in doing the Lord's work. Thank you again for your efforts in getting the word out there. I hope to see more in the future here on Meridian.

Jane BirchMarch 10, 2015

Thanks, Junk Bin. I appreciate you sharing your opinion. I agree with you that we should not be eating only vegetables. Just to be clear: the diet I promote is not an all-vegetable diet. A whole food, plant-based diet contains plenty of grains, legumes, and fruit, in addition to vegetables. It is nutritionally complete, not hard to understand, and contains lots of variety. Most importantly, people thrive on this diet. “Moderation in all things” is not a scriptural phrase or principle. We don’t drink a moderate amount of alcohol nor smoke a moderate amount of cigarettes. There are no health benefits from eating a moderate amount of junk foods. A sparing amount of meat will not cause significant harm, nor will a moderate amount of soda pop, but neither is it as healthy as whole plant foods. There is no commandment to abstain from meat or junk foods, but there are many blessings that can come from embracing this healthier lifestyle. I encourage you to study it more and give it a try! Even simply reducing the amount of meat and replacing it with whole plant foods will be a blessing to anyone who tries it.˙

Junk BinMarch 10, 2015

Most people do not understand moderation in all things including food. Get proper sleep, proper exercise,and eat responsibly. I have seen trends/fads come and go in diet by both health professionals and non degreed folks. What wae death now is OK, what was OK is now death. The term moderation is the key. Their is a difference between 4 oz and 4 lb intake of meat just as their is a difference in 4 oz of veggies vs 4 lb of veggies. The is no perfect diet for everyone. Going totally veg takes a lt of study and does cause health issues if not done correctly. Most do not have the ability or structure to live solely on vegetables. As a friends son asked one time, " Daddy, why do the people who only eat vegtables always look sick??"



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