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December 4, 2022

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Maurine Jensen ProctorSeptember 26, 2022

We do not have transcripts when we have a guest, but we will not have guests very many more times this year, and will resume with the transcripts.

Maurine Jensen ProctorSeptember 26, 2022

We only have transcripts when we do not have a guest with us. Most of the rest of the year, we will have transcripts.

Marjorie BaileySeptember 25, 2022

I also miss the written transcripts. I do not have a phone and rely on my computer. The written word makes it possible for me to take notes for further reference. I am very hard of hearing and miss so much of the audio. could you please consider returning to the previous way? Thank you for all that you do to allow us insight into the scriptures.

Emma McKenzieSeptember 24, 2022

I, too, have appreciated and taken for granted the wonderful transcripts that come with the lesson each week. I copied them weekly and sent them to my husband, who is in prison. He has been in prison 4 years and still has 4 more to go. Your lessons are filled with the spirit and inspiration he and I both need to get through each week. Your lessons are wonderful. I hope all is well with your family. You're in my prayers.

Vira Ann JohnsonSeptember 16, 2022

I can get the full podcast with writing on my phone but not on my computer. I am deaf and so need to see the written work. I love what you do and like to run them off so I can digest them more. Thank you

LoraSeptember 16, 2022

I've greatly missed the transcripts to these podcasts, so I want to express my gratitude for them in the past. Without the transcripts, I've been motivated to purchase Dr. Muhlestein's book, Learning to Love Isaiah, and it has been very helpful in my understanding of the scriptures. I recommend it highly. Thank you to those who have provided the transcripts in the past. We miss you, and we hope you are in good health. We look forward to your return.



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