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February 8, 2023

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Sarah HinzeJuly 10, 2022

I am not sure if this answers your question Richard, but through our research, it does appear that some miscarried children may return to their mothers in a later pregnancy. That is determined because of encounters the mother reports, such as dreams and other experiences where the previous child/spirit lost in a miscarriage returns. I report this in The Announcing Dream as well as in a previous Meridian article:

Richard HillsJuly 6, 2022

It's rare but not uncommon for expectant mothers to lose babies during pregnancy. Do we have any insight as to the role of choice here that would console them? Are all babies lost before birth automatically saved in the Celestial Kingdom?

Bob TaylorJuly 6, 2022

thank you for sharing your research. you may not be aware of this book - Tilly, by Frank Peretti - short, 128 pages, it was first published in 1988. very moving story about abortion, and the consequences.



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