New Evidence Supports the Rights of the Unborn Child

On Friday, June 24, 2022, the United States Supreme Court overturned the nearly fifty-year-old decision of Roe v. Wade, thereby sending decisions on abortion restrictions back to the states. It is being called the most monumental judicial event of our time.

For thirty years, I have been speaking on behalf of the rights of the unborn. I have seen mothers grieve over the loss of a child to abortion and others rejoice over the birth of a child who had once been considered a candidate for abortion. My approach has been different than most.  I teach through case studies and research, the sacredness and reality of souls waiting to be born.

I have personally experienced through my many years of teaching and sharing my books that this approach has changed hearts in a tender and spiritual way and saved the lives of many children who have been candidates for abortions.

The portion of my research concerning abortion began to take root in 1999.  I was so impressed with the work of Dr. Richard Wilkins of The World Family Policy Center that I asked him how I could help. He suggested I research abortion data worldwide and report my findings directly to him. I jumped at the opportunity and felt called to this sobering task. What I learned was like plunging into the darkness of the great abyss. In China and India alone, an estimated 2 million baby girls go missing each year. They are selectively aborted, killed as newborns, or abandoned in fields and left to die. I was informed of the One Child Policy (at that time) in China where violent and forced abortions were performed on women against their will. I learned that most abortions in the free world are chosen for convenience and contraception. Yet in the United States over two million people wait to adopt a newborn child.

My Quest

After Brent and I married, and our children began to arrive—we were to have a total of nine—several of their births were preceded by what researchers call an “announcing dream” in which I saw in dreams or felt the soul of the unborn child with me. In some cases, I was even told what the child’s name was to be.

I wondered if other parents had these experiences, and soon discovered I was by no means the only one. But what began as curiosity became a quest when I received a profound impression that part of my life’s mission was to research, teach, and write about the souls of the unborn.

As I began doing so, I was soon joined in my research by my husband, Brent. We proceeded to conduct interviews, collect case studies, give talks, and publish books and articles about the marvels and mysteries of “announcing dreams.” We have worked carefully to honestly report what we learned. Our data demonstrates that unborn souls can “announce” their birth not only in dreams but also in visions or in audible or telepathic messages, usually to mothers but sometimes to fathers or other family members. 

We also found what we came to call “pre-birth experiences” have been reported in many cultures throughout the world. For example: from Common Boundary Magazine, January/February, 1993, p.223.

There’s a tribe in Africa that counts a child’s birthday from the day it first appears as a thought in its mother’s mind. On that day, [the] woman sits under a tree and quietly listens and waits until she can hear the song of her child.  When she has heard the song, she returns to her village and teaches it to . . . the child’s father, so that they can sing the song when they are together and make love, inviting the child to join them.

The expectant mother then sings the song to the child in her womb and teaches it to the midwives, who sing it when the child is born. All the villagers learn the child’s song as well, so that whenever the child cries or hurts itself, they can pick it up, hold it in their arms and sing the song. The song is also sung when the young person goes through a rite of passage, when he or she marries, and one last time, when he or she is about to die.

By the end of 1993, Brent and I had recorded over a hundred pre-birth experiences and published the encounters of nearly forty individuals with their future children in my book Life Before Life. The title I chose had been used previously and would subsequently be used by at least two others authors, one of whom expressed his conviction—which is mine as well—that knowing about living before can change everything about knowing how to live now.

A Hallowed Quality to This Research

As we continued our research, a startling new category of case studies began to appear. Some of the individuals we interviewed described experiences with children who had once been aborted—children who were thought to have been destroyed and to no longer exist. In fact, some of the people we interviewed actually remembered being victims of abortion themselves, while others recalled unsuccessful abortion attempts on their lives in the womb. And some individuals who had undergone near-death experiences reported meeting the children they had aborted.

The fate of aborted souls increasingly weighed on my heart and mind until there came a life-changing experience, one I recorded in my journal. 

Driving home late at night after my monthly writers meeting, feelings that had been mounting all day returned as I contemplated the fate of the souls of aborted children. I pulled into the driveway and quietly entered our home. Brent had put the children to bed and had fallen asleep in his office. Alone in our bedroom, my anxiety increased until, overcome, I slid from the bed to my knees in prayer. “Dear Lord, what will happen to the children who are trying to come down?” 

I wept, and it was as if I could feel Heaven weeping also. Into my mind came an image of Jesus wearing a white robe, shoulders weighed down, sorrow on His face.

I heard Him say, “I will allow you to feel of my grief so you may understand the distress that abortions bring upon Heaven, especially upon those awaiting birth.”

My emotional and spiritual pain become intense. I prayed, “Oh dear Lord, please take it away!” 

In reply, these words entered my mind: “My daughter, you need to experience this a little longer so that it will register with firmness upon your soul. Then you will never forget Heaven’s pain over the aborted, and you will never turn away from helping the little ones.”

I bowed my head, pleading I could withstand the agony and do His will. At last, when I could endure no more, He took it away. It was as though He had rescued me from the terror experienced by a defenseless child being killed by abortion.

The emotions I experienced that night were as if I felt the very heavens shudder. I promised to do whatever I could in behalf of my unborn brothers and sisters. It was a call to do as God instructed in the book of Proverbs: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (NIV Proverbs 8:31). Speaking up for our little ones who have been denied the opportunity to be born has not been an easy task for me, but at the same time it has certainly been a rewarding one, including many wonderful friendships that have come my way.

Support from Other Researchers

With an impressive array of abortion accounts before me, I phoned Dr. David Chamberlain, the author of Windows to the Soul: Revealing the Conscious Baby from Conception to Birth, whom I had met when we were both guests on a television series. During our conversation, I shared some of our case studies of abortion memories and asked his opinion. His response reflected years of his own research:

Who we are is a soul, and the soul has knowledge, and wisdom, and can communicate. It has a life of its own. You can’t kill it by having an abortion. You can make a course change, or postpone its coming, but basically, it’s operating in a spiritual dimension… And in that dimension [before birth] it is no surprise that a soul can think and plan and even have a purpose for being with a certain mother or a certain family.

In other words, even before they are born, children exist as themselves, unique individuals with personalities, thoughts, desires, hopes, and life missions. They are as real in spirit as we are in flesh. And they can, and sometimes do, communicate with their assigned families.

Another pioneering researcher, P.M.H. Atwater, after reviewing hundreds of near-death experiences, wrote:

Another feature I noticed was that adult [near-death] experiencers will occasionally be met in death by the children they will eventually father or mother [their own unborn children]. Women reported this more than men. Children…even infants, were invariably greeted during their death episode by any siblings who died before they did. These siblings told them how they passed over, whether from stillbirth, death shortly after birth, miscarriage, or because of an abortion when they were but a fetus. Future siblings sometimes appeared as well, introducing themselves and giving the names they would someday have. I have yet to come across an incident where the child experiencer was incorrect about any of these past or future siblings, even when it was absolutely impossible for the child to possess such knowledge.

Such findings by prominent researchers perfectly corroborated the numerous accounts we had collected and which we knew we must share with the world. One day, as I thought about these souls, a word came into my mind. I was stunned by the haunting sound of it as I spoke it aloud: “castaways.” The word “castaway” is defined as someone or something that is rejected and sent away, even to a land not of their choosing.

In 2000, Brent and I published our book The Castaways about those who were aborted. With nearly fifteen years of additional research and many requests for an update, we published in 2016, The Castaways: New Evidence Supporting the Rights of the Unborn Child. The book has a three-fold mission: 1. to encourage and inspire men and women to not have an abortion, 2. to help men and women emotionally heal after choosing to abort a child (Jesus forgives abortion if we do our part), and 3. to give the unborn child a voice.

As you will discover, these castaways are loving souls who forgive, but they are also innocent victims who often struggle emotionally because of the traumatic rejection they have suffered. They have a testimony to bear that is crucial for us to hear. They plead with us to listen.  

Meeting the Castaways

I have learned there are multitudes of castaways in the heaven and meeting some of them has been a humbling journey for me. Some have returned to earth. Clearly, this is the largest group of innocent victims suffering trauma and loss of life the world has ever known.

I prayed for additional stories and for God’s help, then was blessed with phone calls, letters, e-mails, and interviews. When I spoke at conferences or seminars, my research was validated when people came forward and shared personal stories. The saga of the castaways has a spirit about it that is tender and sacred, felt deeply by people.

The many accounts I have received are amazing and poignant. Some contributors recorded their experience and sent it to me. For others I took notes, wrote their account in full, then sent or read it to them over the phone for their approval.

Endorsements for our book The Castaways:

“I have always believed that abortion is much more than just a choice. This fascinating book (The Castaways) details how abortion effects not only women, but the children they choose not to bear.”

–Dr. Richard G. Wilkins, Professor of Law and Director, The World Family Policy Center

“The remarkable accounts presented in The Castaways by Sarah Hinze all have one thing in common: they presuppose a pre-mortal existence, not only for the souls of aborted babies but for all human beings.”

E. Douglas Clark, J.D., an attorney and Director of UN and International Policy at the International Organization of the Family

The following are a few stories from The Castaways: New Evidence Supporting the Rights of the Unborn Child, Three Orchard Productions, 2016.

Fay:  I Tried to Say No

I met Fay while waiting in line at a copy store. She was standing in front of me. We struck up a conversation, and Fay asked about what I was copying. I gave her my one-minute “elevator speech” regarding my research. She smiled as if fate had brought us together and said, “I have a story for you.” Here is what she shared.

After my husband left me, I struggled along for a few years as a single parent with my daughter and young son.  Then I met Jim, an answer to my prayers for a companion and helpmate in caring for my children.

Jim had two young children of his own.  His business required more extensive travel than I’d anticipated, so I was now mother to four and often still lonely for adult companionship.  Eventually, we had a son of our own and it became apparent that one income was not sufficient for our needs.  I returned to work.  The combination of raising a baby and four very active children, plus working full-time, taxed my physical and emotional resources to the breaking point.

One evening while fixing spaghetti dinner—kids playing noisily in the other room, husband gone on business as usual—I heard a voice, “You’re going to have another baby.”  At first I tried to brush it off.  When Jim and I married, it took me a long time to conceive.  Since our son’s birth, I had been using birth control.  I was sure that I couldn’t be pregnant, nor was I willing to get pregnant.

Then I heard the voice a second time, “You’re going to have another baby.”  Ignoring hadn’t worked so I said to the unseen voice, “No way!  My husband is never around, we can’t afford it and I cannot handle any more children!”

The voice did not return.  I tried to forget, but the message persisted in my mind. I broke down and purchased a pregnancy kit.  Hesitantly I followed the directions, waited, then checked. 

I was pregnant!

I collapsed onto the bed, totally exhausted, physically unable to move but with my mind racing.  How could I survive?  Tears flowed as I raised my hands toward heaven, “God, how could you do this to me.  I am doing all I can to raise five children!  I just cannot handle a sixth!”

I descended into depression.  For nearly a week I mostly stayed in bed.  I didn’t want to talk to or see anyone.  I was overwhelmed, torn with doubts, and felt betrayed.  My pregnancies were always fraught with complications and I had a husband who was not around much.  I was frightened.  There was no way I could have this baby!

I have always been adamantly opposed to abortions.  To me, children have a right to life and abortion denies that right.  But I was desperate.  I had been down before, but never this low.  In desperation I opened the telephone book and scheduled an appointment to terminate this pregnancy.

In spite of the amazing experience of hearing a voice tell me that I was going to have another baby, I sincerely felt this pregnancy was a major mistake.  I am normally a woman of faith, but at that stage of my life I believed I could not have another baby and survive.  Then my husband called.  I informed him that I was pregnant, that I could not handle it, that I was going to have an abortion, that we would not tell a soul—end of discussion!  I hung up, fell into bed and anguished over my decision.

The next day I received an unexpected phone call from my friend, Jane.  In an urgent voice she said, “Fay, I don’t know what you’re planning to do, but I must come and talk with you because it would be a tragic mistake.  You are not to follow through with what you’re planning.”  The call startled me.  I had not seen Jane in some time, nor had I told anyone but my husband about the pregnancy or my plans for the baby.

I agreed to see Jane.  When she arrived we hugged for the longest time, like people do at funerals.  I took her into the kitchen where we sat at the table.  She began, “I don’t know exactly what you’re contemplating.  All I know is that I was impressed to get over here as quickly as possible.”

Reluctantly I told her my story, concluding with, “Don’t try and talk me out of this because I cannot deal with it, there is nothing else I can do.”  I unloaded, pouring out my pain, frustration and desperation.  When I was finished she counseled, “Don’t do anything right now, you will be given all the information you need.  Please, please do not do anything until that time.”  She hugged me and left with tears streaming down her face.

I pondered Jane’s message, but still resolved to have the abortion.  However, “it could wait a little longer.”  That night as I lay in bed, I became aware of laughter, the joyous laughter of a young girl.  Immediately suspicious, I tried to shut it out, but couldn’t.  I then heard the girl’s voice, “Why are you so sad?  I’m Caitlin, and I’m your baby.”  She begged, “Please don’t do this!  Everything is going to be okay.  All you have to do is ask for what you need and help will be there for you.”  Desperately she continued, “Please don’t do this!  I want to be there in your life and I need to come now.”

Hearing her say these things really made me mad, yet at the same time I somehow connected with her.  I felt her exuberance for life, her excitement about coming to earth and being my child.  In spite of myself, I fell for her.  How frustrating!  I didn’t want to feel this love.  I had already made up my mind and nothing or no one was going to change it!  But feeling her spirit near, I was bonding with her.

The next few days I felt Caitlin’s presence stronger and stronger.  It is hard to describe, but she became a part of me.  I could not deny her reality.  Finally I caved in and made a deal with her that I would be her mother, but I needed help…oh how I needed help!  Caitlin again promised help would be provided if I asked for it in prayer.  I canceled my appointment and shortly thereafter Jane showed up again, announcing, “I know you need help.  What can I do?”

I shared my experience and told Jane I needed clarification on what was happening to me.  She said, “I have a friend who is a counselor.  I think she can help you understand and put things into perspective.”  Jane called the woman and she invited us right over.  When we walked into her house there was a distinct aura of joy and peace.

The counselor had the gift of discernment, for she asked, “Do you know this child?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Has she told you her name?”


As I announced her name, we all heard Caitlin’s infectious laughter, filled with joy and enthusiasm.  She conveyed to me things I had to change in my life so I could receive the blessings I needed.  She promised that if I made these changes, I would receive help at crucial times.  I became aware that others were with her, offering their support for both of us.  I could hear Caitlin’s laughter intermingled with the others.  Caitlin was elated that I had committed to become her mother and her unseen friends shared her joy.

When Caitlin was born and placed in my arms, I knew her.  I knew her characteristics, what she would look like, her whole being.  I had been shown key episodes in her life and thus far everything has turned out as indicated.  Caitlin is an effervescent child.  She has an ability to read others, to understand what they are thinking.  She has great enthusiasm for life.  When she giggles it is the same joyous sound I heard when she came to me before birth and showered me with love.

I worked to make the changes Caitlin indicated and the things she promised have been fulfilled.  I’ve had major challenges and still do.  It has not been easy and I have to struggle, but when I really need help, it is always there.  When I ask in sincere prayer, doors are opened.  My second husband left me and the challenge of raising six active kids is enormous.  But I have persevered and am succeeding.  I am now the Chief Executive Officer of a multi-million dollar corporation.  I am enjoying life and am so very grateful I listened to loving friends and did not abort my daughter.  Caitlin is a joy in my life and her infectious giggle really buoys me up.

I sincerely believe that all life is sacred.  Abortion is not the answer.  It is usually an act of desperation, but with consequences that extend far beyond this earth.  For women struggling with whether to terminate a pregnancy, I strongly recommend you do not.  There is a child involved, a child who desperately wants you to be his or her mother.  If you do not abort your child, unseen spirits will be there to help you raise it if you ask.  I know, because they have lifted me up when I asked—they have guided me and blessed my life.

Miyoko:  I Love You and I Want to Live

Pre-birth experiences have power to save the life of more than just the unborn. After filming a segment on our pre-birth research for Japanese television in New York City, the crew director, a lovely Japanese woman who had worked in America for several years, related the following account.  She had heard about the case from Japanese television and newspaper reports. Other members of the Japanese film crew were familiar with these events and confirmed the story.

Miyoko was a good student until her life began falling apart in junior high school. Over the years, her parents’ rocky marriage worsened.  Just when divorce appeared imminent, Miyoko’s mother surprised everybody by running off with a secret boyfriend. One can only surmise the reasons for what transpired next—perhaps guilt over abandoning her family was part of it—but to everyone’s shock the mother and her boyfriend committed joint suicide.

A tragedy of this magnitude was headline news. Adding to the trauma, one investigative reporter uncovered evidence that Miyoko’s twin brothers were not really her biological brothers.  Miyoko was devastated, disoriented. Her grades dropped as she spent more and more time away from home, running with the “wrong crowd” and succumbing to many of the bad habits that tempt wayward youth. Above all, depression and hopelessness became her constant companions, leading to several suicide attempts of her own.

Then Miyoko found a boyfriend. Their mutual feelings for one another deepened into love and eventually led to marriage.  They lived near her husband’s kind parents, who provided the stable family relationships Miyoko so urgently needed.  At age eighteen the teenage bride was healing from her wounds of the past and expecting a child.  Just as things were looking up, tragedy struck again—Miyoko’s husband was killed in a car accident.

The young mother-to-be was grief-stricken.  She had only begun to gain control of her own life.  Practically a child herself, how could she tend to the needs of an infant as a single parent?  This was the final blow.  Depression and hopelessness returned.  Life had always been difficult.  Now it was unbearable.  Miyoko would get through the funeral in honor of her husband, but then she would end the awful pain as her mother had done.

After the funeral, the grieving bride struggled to think clearly through her depression. “What is the most efficient way to end it all?  No slip ups this time. I’ve struggled long enough. I want it over!”  She found an isolated bench in a park where she could finalize her suicide plan in private.  Although she feared the act of killing herself, she hoped it would end the pain in her heart.

Head bowed in deep thought, Miyoko was alerted to a sensation that she was not alone.  Cautiously she raised her eyes in search of the intruder.  Blinking through tears, she perceived a boy about age five standing before her in the air.  Miyoko immediately knew the boy was her unborn son.  He conveyed this message—“I love you and I want to live.”

Miyoko realized she had been so wrapped up in her own needs as a pregnant teen widow that her child’s future had not really occurred to her until that moment.  The boy’s enthusiasm to begin earth life, coupled with the love he radiated to her as his future mother, provided a whole new perspective.  Miyoko recognized that life is bigger than self, and extends beyond earth boundaries.  What irony—as she planned death, her son was planning life!

Comforted and encouraged by her son’s pre-birth visit, Miyoko chose life for both of them.  She abandoned all suicide plans and returned to her in-laws.  They had lost a son, but she could give them a grandson.  With open arms they welcomed their daughter-in-law into their home and virtually adopted her.  Months passed and she bore the son she’d seen in her pre-birth vision. When the boy reached age five, his features matched perfectly her memory of his appearance in the park that life-saving day.

In Part Two of our Meridian article In Remembrance of the Unborn (July 2022), we will share opportunities we have had to change hearts by teaching and writing about the sacred reality of   souls waiting to be born.

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