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June 26, 2022

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Bob AillerySeptember 25, 2021

I appreciate the insights this story gives us. Even though my wife and I haven't the exact same challenge this good Sister has, I learned through this article the basic marital struggles they have are perhaps common to all of us. Thank you for this.

Doris WilliamsSeptember 25, 2021

I look forward to Geoff's article each week so much. I really admire his insights into human behavior and he really blows me away by his empathy and suggestions to help in really difficult situations. The world would be a much better, loving place if we could clone him!!! Thank you Geoff for sharing some of your "cases" with us. I'm sure it gives us all increased understanding and the desire to improve our own interpersonal skills.

KathySeptember 24, 2021

He is simply a sperm donor with no intent to create a family, nothing more than a one night stand. I see no reason to develop a relationship and upset his marriage of45 years.



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