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February 1, 2023

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HopeJune 5, 2014

Loved this! I have never felt more in tune with my Heavenly Father than when I was bringing my children into the world. I'm grateful I educated myself and could hold it together enough to advocate for myself - I wish I hadn't needed to! ** BTW - the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote was passed in 1919 and ratified in 1920 so nearly 100 years ago, not 200. Maybe just a typo :)

KathyJune 5, 2014

I delivered my first baby after laboring many hours in bed hooked up to monitors. I delivered on my back on the delivery table. (This was many years ago.) All the rest of my children were delivered at home with a certified nurse-midwife or, in the amazing case of my last baby, by the doctor. Of course I prayed about each one, whether it would be safe to do this. I educated myself. I found midwives who were equipped for emergencies. And I found home birth the most beautiful, peaceful and sacred experience. Of course it is not for everybody, but I do recommend that EVERY mother-to-be educate herself as much as possible and then shop carefully for an OB who will allow her to have a voice in what she wants and does not want to have happen during her labor and delivery. Thanks for the good (and daring) article .

vickieJune 4, 2014

I had my first child in 1970. For some strange reason in different hospitals that I had all my 5 children in it was to be with no medication. so I was forced to have all my babies with no meds. I begged and had hard births as my babies were large for me. I had no choice though. my first baby was born in a civilian hospital and all my other four were military hospitals and I was told that at the time I was having my babies until 1985 that babies were to be born healthier if the mother got no drugs at all for pain or for delivery. so I suffered through. I did notice however that during one of my births an officers wife got medication and realized that rank mattered when delivering babies in the military. my husband was just a staff sergeant not an officer so his rank affected my treatment and to me that is sooo sad. I agree that women should be allowed to chose how they want their babies delivered.

DJJune 4, 2014

I would like to point out that although it's always good to be informed, protocols have evolved from response to bad-outcome experiences. Several years ago there was a hospital that thought it would be nice to hire a midwife (no input from the docs during the process) and then wanted the docs to cover for her. It's violins and roses if all goes well- then the patient sings the praises of their birth experience and their mid-wife. The flip side is what occurs when things begin to deteriorate- now the doctor is called in to quickly access a situation which impacts lives- if things end up not going well, then this experience is now viewed through a cloudy lense- the doctor often assumes the not only the ill-will but also the majority of liability. Of course there are also good doctor/midwife team approaches. I myself delivered 2 of my 4 kids using only Lamaze methods, and can only say that either way works and can bring wonderful babies/people into this life :-).

Catherine FredericksenJune 4, 2014

A-MEN! I was the victim of so many interventions my first baby was delivered by emergency c-section. My second was scheduled for c/sec because my doctor scared me into it with the dangers of VBAC and another "bad experience." After that, I wised up and said NEVER AGAIN. I changed doctors, hired a doula, and my 3rd-6th babies were delivered without interventions or medications (all successful VBACs because I read everything I could get my hands on and was prepared!).

Kathy WildeJune 4, 2014

"discomfort of childbirth?" Seriously? Childbirth is extremely painful for most of us. Please don't guilt us into choosing more "natural" ways. The baby isn't more valuable because the mother went through hell to get him/her here.

Virginia RockwellJune 4, 2014

My daughter-in-law delivered her youngest child at home with a midwife. It was a beautiful experience and she invited her mother and me to attend! That daughter is 4 now and a darling energetic sweet girl! My last 4 children were born without drugs and it was much more peaceful. I could pay attention to the birth rather than being out of it. I got to see the baby born (well sort of since I wear glasses) and hold him/her immediately!



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