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December 3, 2022

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TerriMarch 13, 2014

Our son served in Zambia -Zimbabwe in 2002. He loved the Zambian people. We have helped with humanitarian projects in Zambia and love the people there. Good Luck!

Mary JMarch 13, 2014

I cried when I read where she was called! How wonderful. Loved the article. By the way, my inactive daughter & husband just moved to Nebo, NC, which is near Raleigh. If she is meant to be found you will find her.

Teri NineMarch 13, 2014

Great article, and I especially loved the epilogue with video. Our son is about to complete his 8th month in the mission (California). I think you expressed the feelings and emotions and fears perfectly. SO happy for you to be serving in Zambia. The Lord truly knows the secret needs, desires, and loves in our hearts. Tender mercies! Best wishes for a wonderful and fulfilling mission. As we counseled our son, lay your all on the sacrificial table for the Lord and the remainder of your life will be that much more blessed. No doubt you will. God speed!

Mark and Dawn SmithMarch 13, 2014

We remember you so well from the European cruise back in 2006 when your parents were the headliner lecturers. You've come a long way since then and will surely be a great missionary. Our best to you.

laverl09March 13, 2014

Michaela, Thank you for your beautiful prose and heartfelt presentation. It took me back 53 years as if it were yesterday. The mission home then was in Salt Lake up by the Lion House and our weekly group was just around 150, but the majestic feelings you described so well were there then too. Of all the Church callings I've had over the years, being a full time and/or Ward missionary bring me the most joy. There is nothing like the spiritual feeling that comes each time a new contact catches on fire. May God continue to bless you on your mission to Zambia.

Flora SchallerMarch 13, 2014

Enjoyed your article. Would love to see you in the Nashville Tennessee Or the Louisville Kentucky Mission. Best of wishes wherever the Lord sends you.



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